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I found this website that sells organic skin and hair care, cosmetics and other stuff, www.evansgarden.com . I’m going to try some samples of their foundation make-up powder. They sell base creams that you can mix the powder with each time you use it to make it into a cream foundation. They have a base cream for oily skin. They have a line of skin care for acne/oily skin also. They do use oils in the acne products though. The products all look so yummy and natural though. This is from the website:

Shimmer Powder does not contain talc, bismuth oxychloride, kaolin clay, petroleum-based colorants or zinc oxide. These we deem unacceptable as they may cause various adverse reactions.

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5 thoughts on “Evan’s Garden organic cosmetics

  1. I ordered samples of the 3 Sensitive Skin Care products, some of the foundation powder colors, the base cream for oily skin, the shampoo for dry hair and the pomade conditioner, and two of their perfume samples Bouquet de Reves and Odalisque. The sensitive skin toner bottle leaked though, completely out, so I wasn’t able to try that. They’re going to send me another bottle of it.

    I do really like the Earth, Oats and Honey cleanser (it’s a fine textured scrub), and I like the sensitive skin cream, although it does feel pretty oily. My skin feels really soft, though, and it’s very soothing. I have gotten a couple of little bumps, but I haven’t gotten any actual pimples from using the products at this point. I really like the powder mixed with the base cream (I haven’t tried it alone yet) but I haven’t found a color that’s good for me yet. I’m going to send her a sample of my mineral powder to match. I like the shampoo, but the pomade conditioner is pretty heavy — kind of waxy and oily. You’re only supposed to use a little bit, but my hair is very thick and bushy, so I need a fair amount to tame it down. It makes my hair look darker though. I may use it in combination with another styling serum/cream that I have and just use a very little amount of it. The best thing is that my scalp feels so soothed and my hair doesn’t feel dry anymore.

    They do have a line for oily/acne skin called Clarity but I didn’t try any of those products. I’m continuing to use my Martel SkinLift light also, which helps. I just don’t know at this point if I really have very active acne or not. I’ve been keeping it under control with the MyChelle and the light for years now and so I’m not sure how acne prone I still am. I mostly just have some blackheads and clogged pores. I rarely get real inflamed or infected pimples anymore. I really like the Odalisque eau de parfum also, but the scent dissipates pretty quickly. I’m going to try the samples of the perfume oil next time.

  2. I loved using the Sensitive Skin care products (haven’t received the toner replacement yet though) but my skin did start to break out — a big infected one on my chin, and a few other pimples. I went back to using the MyChelle products again. I sent Evan a sample of my mineral powder so she could find me a good color match. I do like the texture of the powder. I don’t know about the base cream though — even though it’s for oily skin, it has some nut and other oils in it that might make it too rich for me. I could use my MyChelle day cream as a base cream to mix with her powder. Maybe that will help the dryness I feel when I use mineral powder foundations. I’m wondering if the hair pomade could have contributed to the break out also.

  3. Evan is going to custom match the foundation powder for me. It’s a one time fee of $10. The subsequent orders don’t cost any extra.

  4. I’ve been using Evan’s Garden clarity line for about 7-8 weeks now plus her As Young As I Feel serum (contains emu oil which is good for acne and scarring). I’ve also been using her foundation base cream for oily skin mixed with her foundation powder and her shea butter cheek tint. My skin is really clear and it feels soft and moister. The wrinkles around my eyes have softened down also. I love the products — the only obstacle is the price, but the make-up is affordable.

  5. I went ahead and bought full sizes of Evan’s Garden’s foundation powders. She has a lot of different colors of foundation powder, but I had to get two colors to mix together in order to match my skin tone (no.’s 23 and 24). I also got a full size jar of the foundation base powder for oily skin. Her products are working very well for me. I decided not to buy the As Young As I Feel Serum because it contains emu oil. I’m trying to be more vegetarian and cut out eating poultry, and I just don’t like the idea of spreading oil from a dead bird on my face. I just bought trial sizes of the Creme Rose and Ma Jeunesse. I’m using the former as an eye cream and the latter at night. I love the Ma Jeunesse in particular. No problems so far. My skin is very clear, comfortable and soft.

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