trying new supplements for sleep and anxiety

These supplements aren’t specifically for acne, but might have a side effect of helping my skin (although it’s been pretty clear for a while now). I have insomnia and panic attack disorder (heart palpitations, irrregular heart beats, chest pain and pressure, etc.). A lady at a little health food store near me suggested that I try time release melatonin (I think it’s KAL brand) for the sleep and also Relora for anxiety and panic attack disorder. She gave me some samples of Source Naturals Relora today and I bought the melatonin also. The Relora is an herbal extract (I think passion flower and philodendron). I also bought a liquid supplement called "Sleep Complete" ( ) which has been helping me. She suggested that I take the time release melatonin with the Sleep Complete. The Sleep Complete was helping me fall asleep but then sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night. The time release melatonin should help me to stay asleep throughout the night. I’ve been using the Sleep Complete for about a week now and I find it to be very relaxing and calming. I love it. I hope to God that the Relora will work for me because the heart/chest symptoms and the anxiety are just miserable. Sometimes I feel like I can’t even take it anymore. When my heart pounds and races like that, I feel completely drained and weak, like I can hardly lift up my hand or stand up. I did get checked out by a cardiologist and he said that I had some irregular heartbeats but nothing that required medication or that was life-threatening. It is really debilitating though. Please pray for me that the Relora will work. The lady at the store said it worked very well for her.

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  1. Lenore I pray that you get relief! That must be debilitating what you are going through I always prefer the homeopathic vs the drug way so i hope the herb stuff you are trying works!. Doctors can get you really hooked into drugs.

  2. Thank you Mari dear. I’ve tried various sleep and anti-anxiety drugs but I end up feeling doped up or cloudy headed. I took a couple of the Relora today and I do feel better already. I hope that it will continue to work over time. I keep thinking of that photo of your beautiful new home and what a peaceful feeling it gives just to look it. Maybe I’ll imagine I’m in a cottage in the forest when I’m falling asleep.

    I know this subject isn’t specifically acne related, but the Relora is supposed to reduce the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which might help reduce acne, I don’t know. Actually, I’m not even sure that I really have acne anymore because my skin’s been pretty clear for quite a while now. I’m slowly weaning myself off of the stronger MyChelle products (Clear Skin Serum, Perfect C vitamin C serum, etc.) and using more of the products for dry and sensitive skin. I went straight from oily skin and acne to having a dry skin problem now. Maybe it will bounce back after a few weeks of stopping the acne products. It may be that the Jessner chemical peel caused me to have permanently dry skin, I don’t know.

  3. Hi, Lenore…hope you remember me…

    I suffer from anxiety/stress from time to time…I have found a wonderful bedtime "cocktail". I take 2.5 mg melatonin and 700 mg of GABA…GABA is really fantastic for stress…helps me go to sleep and stay there!

    You can also take GABA during the day-it does not cause drowsiness…

    I also give it to my autistic son, who suffers from anxiety…it helps him greatly.

    Dana 🙂

  4. Thank you ConnorD. The Sleep Complete liquid has both GABA and melatonin in it. I bought some spray timed release melatonin made by Source Naturals also. I ran out of Relora but hopefully she’ll have it back in tomorrow.

  5. Lenore,

    I didn’t look at the ingredients before I posted ( :roll )…

    A couple of quick comments if I may-I see a DO who studied under Dr. Weil and he has given me a great education on supplements…The Gaba level is very low…My doc recommends 300-700 mg…

    I also noticed B6, which can definately interfere with your sleep…it is recommended to take the Bs early in the day…

    The Sleep Complete has 3 mg of melatonin…it is recommended to not exceed 5 mg per night-otherwise you wake up very groggy and a slammin headache…it sounds like you are supplementing with another melatonin supplement along with the Sleep Complete?

    HTH…I know how frustrating it is not to be able to sleep! I started having heart palpitations too-I was told it perimenopause symptoms, which I’ve heard before from many women…

    Dana 🙂

  6. Thanks for the great info ConnorD. I actually returned the spray melatonin and stopped taking the Sleep Complete liquid because I was getting some weird symptoms like stomach cramps and diarrhea and itching all over. I suspected it might be due to the sorbates (preservatives) in both of them. I’ve decided to just take the Relora for now, as it is supposed to help with sleep also. I do think that the Relora helps me to relax.

  7. Thanks AcneCS. I have tried both of those though. I the 5-HTP didn’t work for me and the tryptophan made me feel really strange, like kind of dizzy and a little faint, like a drugged feeling that I found very disturbing. I guess I have a super sensitive system.

  8. Yes, that’s in the Herbs, Etc. Deep Formula that I’m using now. Actually, it does help me, particularly with calming down the heart palpitations and chest pain, but sometimes I still have problems falling asleep. I feel a little "hung over"-ish after taking valarian though — a little spacey or something. Hard to describe…

  9. Hi Lenore,
    Back around 2001 I wrote a researcher who was a chemist asking him for some suggestions/help solving my problems. I had asthma then and problems falling asleep. He gave me some good advice in regards to an all around treatment for falling asleep, and just feeling calm during the day without any bad side effects.
    After having asthma for ten years, in 9 months my asthma went away. I think that the advice the chemist gave me had a lot to do with the asthma leaving.

    I took calcium but wasn’t taking magnesium.
    The recommendation the chemist gave me was to add magnesium malate to my supplements. He suggested that I take two parts calcium to one part magnesium. So I was taking 1000 mg of calcium so I added 500 mg of magnesium. I found the malate on the expensive side but found that the citrate form of magnesium was priced better and magnesium citrate does absorb rather good.

    If I feel restless at bedtime I take an additional 200 mg of magnesium citrate, and sleep like a baby. :mrgreen You can’t overdose on magnesium. It is like vitamin c…if you get too much magnesium you will get a one shot of diarrhea to eliminate the excess instead of storing it. Because you don’t store excess magnesium you need to have some every day. Most people rely on eating vegetables and drinking milk for their magnesium but these are unreliable sources because you may not drink milk, and you may not always eat vegetables in a day.

    Supplementing magnesium along with calcium, and add in a very small amount of boron to this mix, and your finger nails will grown long and will be hard without any cracks or splits. You can imagine what it is doing for your bones.

    Magnesium is very calming for both the nerves, and for the heart.
    Adding magnesium to your calcium supplements will ease up the racing heart problem too without taking harsh prescription drugs.
    I had the racing heart problem myself a long time ago when I had family worries.
    Anxiety attacks are not very nice! Magnesium will calm them down.

    Solomio 😮

  10. Thank you Solomio. What a blessing that your asthma went away. What about epsom salt baths? Someone told me magnesium can absorb into your system that way. Also, this transdermal magnesium oil looks interesting: . The Catie’s calcium I’m taking has magnesium in it already: . Is that not enough? I’m taking her organic greens powder and her Vit. C powder also. Currently I have Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code Perfect Weight multi’s and New Chapter’s B-Complex, but when I’m finished with those, I think I’m going to switch over to Catie’s supplements exclusively. I feel like they have a very good, live energy to them and agree with me.

  11. I’m taking her organic greens powder and her Vit. C powder also. Currently I have Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code Perfect Weight multi’s and New Chapter’s B-Complex, but when I’m finished with those, I think I’m going to switch over to Catie’s supplements exclusively. I feel like they have a very good, live energy to them and agree with me.

    Wow Lenore, you must be super healthy from all of those supplements!

    Solomio 😮

  12. What about epsom salt baths? Someone told me magnesium can absorb into your system that way.

    Yes, we do absorb magnesium through our skin from epsom salt baths but it is just enough magnesium to relax sore, over worked muscles.

    Solomio 😮

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