New here, my ongoing accutane journal

I just recently started my treatment and I found the personal accounts of the treatment really helped my decision making so here ya go. Currently 20 days into treatment.

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2 thoughts on “New here, my ongoing accutane journal

  1. Thanks for that, you seem to be experiencing the same things as me and we’ve been using the drug for around the same amount of time. This is comforting… 😀

  2. Nothing new really. Lips are still dry and it kind of sucks because I have to open my mouth slowly so as not to crack the corners and make them bleed. Eyes are still pretty dry and they start to get aggravating near the end of the day if I don’t put eye drops in. I use Visine Tears. On the plus side my back and chest are looking extremely good. I really didn’t think it could ever look this clean. I can go out in public without a shirt for the first time in six years. Still have a couple nodules around my jaw line but my forehead and chin/mouth area are starting to clear up. Each day they look better and there is a pronounced layer of skin covering each zit so it looks like it is healing well. Still haven’t missed a dosage, I take em like clockwork and am only off give or take 1-2 hours. No nosebleeds, back pain, headaches, stomach aches, falling out hair, and the such none of that so I’m happy.

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