Kez’s Roaccutane Journal!

Hello everyone!

I figured I might benifit from writing this and reading about other peoples experiences… I get the impression I bore people when I go on about my skin issues (nobody seems to understand I suppose….my friends all have wonderful skin)

Anyway, I waited a few months for my appointment, and when it came I was told I would have to use the contraceptive pill for a month before starting treatment. I was fairly upset about this delay as I’d been told to stop using my doxycline a while before this and my skin was the worst its ever been. However, 7 years after being told I had cystic acne (I’m 18 next month) I was given my Roaccutene! I started last week (12th April) So I’m on day 10.

Nothing much has happened to be honest. The dry lips started a couple of nights ago…nothing too bad..but vaseline doesnt seem to be helping me much. I shall have to look about for something better (any suggestions?)

As far as the spots go..I must be experiencing the "worse before it gets better" stage. Normally I get spots on my chin and cheeks. But.. I’ve had an outbreak just at the top of my nose (between the eyebrows)…an uncomfortable and painful place I’ve learnt. I also get them on my back..but suprisingly..its cleared dramatically.

(just realised that the skin above my eyes is horribly dry too)

So… day 10 has brought little improvement…but the dry lips lead me to believe something should happen soon. (fingers crossed as I’m going away to see my boyfriend next month and I really hope its settled)….

The little improvement hasnt caused me to lose faith just yet as my big brother used roaccutene a few years ago..and hasnt had a spot since.

Hopefully it will clear a fair bit for June 20th as I’m hoping to wear a backless dress to prom (this is something I would never have imagined possible but they tell me it is with Roaccutene)

I’ll update soon..maybe I’ll add some pictures too…

:mrgreen mood changes yet… I’m perfectly happy!

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62 thoughts on “Kez’s Roaccutane Journal!

  1. a huge improvement today.. all spots have dried completely..and I seem to have a nice glow about my skin.. alright, its still fairly bad..but I NEVER say nice things about my skin…

    However…today I had sore eyes.. almost felt like grit in them, I suspect this is another side affect.. BUT I bought Nivea lip care..which is working much better than the vaseline.

    I’m also finding my skins starting to peel..but its not like dry flakey skin or anything..

    All is well mood wise.. even under intense stress at school today my spirits remained high.

    I hope things stay this way.. (though I’m aware they are most likely going to get worse.

  2. SORE KNEES… actual agony. 🙁 its not nice..

    Day 12.. what can I say.. skin is fairly dry. no bad outbreaks.. i just look bad as the spots I had before are drying and forming huge dry rings around them.. 🙁 I feel bad being seen at school like this, and I still seem to be talking to the floor. Also, my scalp is dry and itchy…something I’ve never experienced.. (I have terribly oily hair..well I did have)

    this is a bad day….

  3. Day 13…. AWFUL…

    I just woke up from an early evening sleep..I was exhausted after school 🙁 anyway… my skin is ON FIRE!! Its so itchy that my friends have been threatening me with violence if I dont stop scratching.. its an odd colour of red..very uncomfortable..and the red patches of dry skin around healing spots is so inflamed. I have 2 cysts forming on my chin…one on either side..its sore just now but I’m not sure they’re going to come to much. (I hope they dont) my arms, back, and legs are irritated and my scalp is getting worse as time goes on. Also..I’m drinking plenty but I’m still finding my throat to be dry and painful when I swallow..a side affect or a cold I cant be sure…

    I knew this was going to happen, and I feel bad for moaning about it now.

    I hope this works… I feel hideous.

    Mood hmmm… I’m very down. And very easily irritated. This may just be frustration at my current situation rather than a side affect.

    More later…

  4. Day 13…. the worst yet.

    Today one of my friends said something to me..that really wasn’t that bad..anyway I cried for atleast 3 hours and missed 2 classes (this isnt like me.. normally nothing bothers me)

    I had my first nosebleed..nothing too bad, it only lasted maybe 5mins. (my nose feels awfully dry and funny now though)

    Skin is bad.. the cyst on my chin is enormous. Its Very Very painful. 🙁

    Skins MORE red than the last few days.. lips are AWFUL.. i’ll keep making my way through the different products. Oh yes…when I woke up I had to take a cough bottle..the sore throat is still here..

    I hope the next few days are better.

    I cant wait to be on study leave so I dont have to put makeup on for school every morning…I’m looking forward to letting my skin breathe.

    Roaccutane is difficult. 🙁

  5. some progress today (day 15)

    All sore bits have once again dried… I havn’t touched my skin atall which may be helping towards this. Lips are still AWFUL…bleeding and that.
    Scalp is still very dry and itchy, and my knee pains were back for an hour or so today.

    Still a LONG long way to go until i’ve healed but my friends are telling me that they can see improvements.

    I’m happier than I was the last few days too which is nice (and a nice break for my deserving friends) eyes are really sore..bloodshot and itchy.. I should get myself some eyedrops I think..

    More later.

  6. some improvement today…. skin is continuing to dry…fast… no new cysts.. the ones i did have are starting to heal. My lips are awful..I’ve started using blistex and its working wonders…

    Went to the beach today with my friend and the salt air seems to have done my skin some good (though I have been slightly burnt)

    No joint pains…or awful mood changes.. I’m noticing im sneezing an awful lot though (my nose is very dry)

    Fairly happy with the progress being made.

    Some pictures on day 16….

  7. so..this is day…. 18.

    Hmm… I can sort of look at myself in the mirror but I still feel uncomfortable. My skins starting to dry (on my face) which hasnt happened until now, theres still deep purple areas and an uneven tone to my skin. I’m pretty sure my chin is still lumpy and things 🙁 … my lips are good and bad..depends on the time of day and that…
    no joint pains in a while..but im not sleeping very well… I’m scheduled for a checkup on the 10th so I’ll ask about it then.
    I’ll update soon!

    also..its my school leavers service tomorrow and theres going to be atleast 10million cameras.. I will be trying my hardest to hide 🙁


    ok…it was from my dad..but it came unexpectantly.. he actually seemed quite shocked when he said my skin was looking good. So yes…my face is VERY VERY continuing to moisturise..and its continuing to dry.. no new outbreaks, no aches or pains…lips are still bad…

    however, a strange rash has formed.. on both arms..its sort of raw and inflamed.. I’ll keep an eye on it.

    Very happy with progress! :mrgreen

  9. Today (Day 20) things seem alright.. I’ve been using plenty of E45 but my skins drier than ever.

    I have a cyst on my chin.. i hope it goes away 🙁

    My knees are bad today and the funny rash on my arm is still there..

    My lips are AWFUL.. I’m finding it difficult to open my mouth.

    also…I’m very close to having a period so fingers crossed there are no outbreaks and everything runs smoothly.

  10. I have a HUGE cyst on my chin..its horrible and bleeding and just awful. I feel terrible about it and I’m avoiding everyone.

    I’m over emotional..hormonal…and I just feel ugly.

    Bad day (day 21)

  11. major improvement again.. this medication is very very odd. Yesterday the cyst on my chin was swollen and very painful. Today it is almost gone just with a little ring of dry skin around it. Its amazing how erratic my moods are..and the condition of my skin. it was nice weather I sat out for a little bit.. BAD IDEA. My arms and face are badly burnt.

    Hospital soon! I wonder if they will up my dose…

    More later!

    (day 22)

  12. (day 24)

    I can’t believe I’ve been using my medication for 24 days… it doesn’t seem like it! It just reminds me of how long I have been dealing with acne. face is continuing to improve. The cyst on my chin is almost gone now. No new ones have appeared in the last few days. My skin feels much healthier. Before I had discooloured skin, with noticable patches of purple and red. HOWEVER. that has now gone. My skins glowing, and for the first time in 6 years I can see my freckles.

    My knees are still sore, lips are still bad, and I’m finding it impossible to improve the dry skin above my lip and below my nose…

    oh also, I had a cluster of cysts on my jaw line which had been there for about a year (seriously) but those have scabbed over..and are slowing going away. This is how I know Roaccutane is working for me. It’s amazing.

    more later!

  13. (day 26)

    I have almost clear skin! Today a cyst that I’d had on my cheek for a LONG LONG time sort of… burst. Everything came out within 10mins. Even though its sort of raw it looks and feels so much cleaner. My chins totally clear. My neck is continuing to heal. No bad dry skin, lips are still really bad, hairs EXTREMELY dry, no sore knees in a while.

    Also.. I tend to have my worst breakouts during my period… BUT this time nothing has happened. If anything my skin has continued to get better (im on the 3rd day of my period now)

    Slowly but surely im feeling better about my skin.
    Dermotologist on thursday…I’m looking forward to hearing what she thinks 🙂 Fingers crossed that she increases my dose. I’m a very happy lady just now… I hope it doesnt get bad again.

    More soon.

  14. Hmmm.. so..all that good feeling I had has been crushed.

    The cyst that seemingly disappeared yesterday turned into a horrible red..and black scab.. I havn’t touched it except to put a bit of savlon on it. So I was sat in the hairdresses today..and I havn’t felt so uncomfortable looking at myself in a long long while. I knew she could see it..and i was directly at the window which meant it looked worse (i’m not sure about anyone else but natural light is my enemy) I felt really hideous.. I noticed all the imperfections all over again and I was fairly upset.

    Dermotologist tomorrow.. i need a higher dose.

    also..i have sore knees today. Bah.

    (day 27)

  15. A wonderful appointment!

    She said I was making good progress…she took blood, and examined my skin. AND… upped me to 60 a day!!! She then said I couldn’t go any higher as I’m too skinny. But things are looking good. I’m told I may have an outbreak..with the change in dose..I hope not 🙁

    So..I’m very happy at the moment!

    ( day 28 )

  16. (day 34)

    skins alright yes… its clearing..the cysts i had are going..but slowly. I was told the redness on my face may not fade until up to a year after treatment..I’m fairly gutted about that. Having had my dose doubled my lips have gotten a lot worse.. 🙁

    It cant have cleared a great deal as my very honest boyfriend pointed out thats its still bad… I was beyond embaressed. Oh well.. patience.

    More soon.

  17. (day 34)

    . I was told the redness on my face may not fade until up to a year after treatment

    More soon.

    Actually redness can be a permanent side effect, keep moisturising you skin and don’t go to the sun.

    I would lower your dose, 60 mg is way too much.

  18. this is… day 44.

    Ive been having outbreaks.. id still say my skins healing quicker..but my its not getting any better..just worse. I have a funny looking rash on my arms….and as it was my 18th yesterday too much dancing has left my muscles extremely sore. Not good.

    More soon. oh…my nose is just beyond disgusting.. lumps of bloody skin are continously falling out..and my lips.. well theres never good and bad days..they’re just always bad.

    Next hospital appointment on the 7th interested to see what they’ll say.

  19. [quote](day 34)

    . I was told the redness on my face may not fade until up to a year after treatment

    More soon.

    Actually redness can be a permanent side effect, keep moisturising you skin and don’t go to the sun.

    I would lower your dose, 60 mg is way too much.[/quote]
    yes…i did think 60 was a bit much..she shocked me when all she said was "ok kerry looks like we’ll double your dose"…I dunno…

    what should i be on do you think? I’m 5,2" and i’m about 8.5 stone..

    any ideas?

  20. that i actually have a bit of time…

    this is day 45.

    Firstly, id like to say that my nose is an absolute mess…i mean up it. There hasnt been a day in the last week where my nose hasnt putting vaseline up it and things but NOTHING is working. Everytime i move, or flare my nostrils it feels like my skins ripping off. Its AGONY. I wont lie.

    also…i am sleeping WAY way way too much. For instance…last night i slept for 11 hours. By 3pm I was tired like it was bedtime. I woke at 5.30 thinking it was a new day… no.. just dinner time. Even then my body was still telling me i needed sleep. Its not even a subtle kind if tired..I literally fall back and sleep for hours.

    My lips…yes.. they’re not dry.. they’re raw. I dont pick, and im always moisturising. I can barely open my mouth and when i do they bleed. Again, they said "dry lips" but mines arent dry… they’re fleshy.

    The aches and pains seem to be spreading. On 30mg my knees hurt from time to time..not anymore. Now..its my hips, my back, my neck, my wrists, my FINGERS, ankles..yes..everything. It hurt to lift myself off the chair.

    I’m not finding myself to be anymore agressive…BUT.. i feel absolutely awful every few days. Properly down. Its not because of something that makes me unhappy about myself..I feel absolutely hopeless…like i dont know what to do with myself… I’m definetly becoming more aware of this..I suppose i was trying to put it off.

    last of all.. this rash on my arm…ive been using hydrocortisone (1%) and its doing NOTHING. Its growing more inflamed as the days pass and sometimes i cant stop myself from scratching. I was told it was a "mild" case of eczema…hmm. I had eczema as a kid and it was NOTHING like this atall. My skins literally flesh.

    oh yes..the reason I’m on these damned skin. I had a breakout which has started to clear..but its cyclical.. breakout… clear… etc.. Its driving me insane. To be honest…im more worried about whats going to be left when im finished with these things. I’m really worried.

    Perhaps my dose is too much… the hospital will tell me my moods down to hormonal inbalance with the BC pill but I KNOW this is not due to hormones.

    I feel like a horrible person. And im becoming overly paranoid about everything.

    This is all.

  21. you really should consider lowering your dose. you have some nasty side effects right now, lower it to 40 mg which is still a high dose for someone your height and weight.

  22. day 48…

    things are as they were. Horrible red marks remain. Lips are absolutely awful I MUST FIND SOMETHING TO HELP THEM! No dry skin atall..the redness of my face has calmed.

    My knees..words cant describe the pain. Yesterday I nearly cried trying to get upstairs.

    I had a really bad night last night..I couldnt see any improvement…and this feels like the end of the line for me. I’m trying to stay optimistic.

    I’m still sleeping way too much..but exams are over so its not a HUGE problem.

    ohh…I just felt the back of my neck and its cyst free too!

    More soon!

  23. if you end up with permanent side effects, you won’t be able to say that you haven’t been warned, and beleive me your derm doesn’t care at all about your health. the side effects you are experiencing are anything but usual, now you still have the choice to lower your dosage, don’t wait till it’s too late.

  24. 3 new cysts today. I am absolutely gutted. 2 on an extremely sensitive part of my cheek (prone to scarring) and one on my neck. I am putting this down to my 7 day break in the BC pill….it seems my hormones have been a bit wild of recent.

    ALSO…yes.. the first piece of dry skin appeared on my chin today..and not just a small entire chin was pealing. The skin underneath is healthier looking..and theres been no discomfort.

    I took 2 naps this evening..not one..I’m beginning to think I’ll fall asleep and never wake up.

    I’m learning to live with my sore knees…

    dermotologist next thursday! (a week today)…

    I’m beginning to wonder if roaccutane is starting to really work now… I shall ask.

  25. if you end up with permanent side effects, you won’t be able to say that you haven’t been warned, and beleive me your derm doesn’t care at all about your health. the side effects you are experiencing are anything but usual, now you still have the choice to lower your dosage, don’t wait till it’s too late.

    everything im experiencing..they told me to expect…

  26. Day 52….

    2 cysts appeared on my cheek recently..and were gone the next day. Other than this there is nothing on my face apart from small red marks from damaged skin where cysts have risen. Things are going alright.. moods lifted and I’m feeling a little more confident.

    I’m still sleeping too much but my lips have calmed with the help of aloe vera vaseline.

    all is currently well.

  27. while I’m here I thought I’d upload some clearer pictures…

    NOTICE! No red cysts on my jawline!! this is where they were the worst…

    This one shows my horrible scar… :cry

    This side is ALWAYS worse… and the red dots near my mouth are whats left of my recent cystic break out 😛

  28. (day 57)

    So I had my 2 month appt with the dermatologist yesterday. I was left in the waiting room for over an hour 😡 BUT…one of the nurses from my 1st appt came up to me with a shocked look on her face… this was shortly followed by "good heavens look how much better your skin is" needless to say I blushed and rejected her compliment thinking I’m still horrific and all the rest.

    Anyway, it wasn’t my usual derm (it was one I’m not particularly fond of) but she said I’m on the right tracks for clear skin. She also said the red marks are fading fast! So all in all it was a fairly positive appt.

    So… my skin still hasn’t dried up…though I havnt had ANY oil since about 2weeks after starting. I had a few spots as my period approached, but those have gone now. My lips have yet again took a turn for the worst (i ran out of aloe vera vaseline so Ive been using regular, this makes me certain aloe vera is way better for me) so things are alright.

    I was reminded at the hospital that its early days yet so I shouldnt be expecting too much too soon. I’m hoping they put me on a five month course….

    moods back to normal, exams are over, I’m stress free and able to sleep until the ridiculous hour that my body desires. No aches and pains for a good while either! My nose is still the same…whenever I blow it there comes a splurge of blood and scabs. Its very nasty indeed.

    Happy with progress…but I wish my red marks would fade quicker.


  29. u looking a lot better… glad its coming right 4 u!

    Thanks a lot. 😀
    Fingers crossed that all ends well.

  30. (day 61)

    I hate my skin. I’m sick of acne. I feel like its NEVER going to get better.

    Today someone said to me "Look at the state of your face" I must add that I was fairly close with this person. Needless to say I was extremely upset, and it affected my entire day.

    I hate my skin, and I hate how insensitive people can be.

    As for my skin…. Ive spent the past 2 days at the beach and its been roasting hot. I have had 3 new cysts during those days (on my chin TYPICALLY) and my lips are seemingly damaged beyond repair.

    My hips hurt walking around at the beach….it was pretty bad.

    So yes… day 61 and I’m still getting cysts. I am losing faith. Quickly.

  31. (day 72)

    So…again progress has slowed down. I have a cluster of cysts on my left cheek that wont shift. They arent always inflamed…but they never go away either..

    Nose bleeds are frequent.. my chins very dry..lips are falling off…moods pretty good.

    6weeks left now… im getting little nervous.

    More pictures soon

  32. (Day 75)

    Some more pictures….and my lips are killing me! I want the side affects to stop! 🙁 Theres no denying that this drug is difficult.

    Not to mention my boyfriend finished with me last night…makes me feel even worse about myself.

    So this one…as you can see the whole side of my lip has dried up…its very painful and makes eating difficult. I cant tell if my skins condition has improved….but..its going strange colours…

    and the BAD side…. nothing ever happens here… i have a cluster of lumps beneath the surface of my skin and they wont budge. I also cant tell if the red dots are fading… I just cant make any judgement atall anymore.

    and here is me in all my messy glory. Bad lips… PERFECT skin on my chest though… but people stare at me because my lips are so swollen..before accutane I had really small thin lips… NOT ANYMORE 🙁

    so yes…I’m really starting to struggle with all of this… my shins are throbbing too… and instead of sleeping too much (like I did) I’m staying up until about 5am every night…

    As far as my mood goes….considering I’ve just been dumped (in a nasty way) I’m doing alright. I thought id be over dramatic…like I am when someone says the slightest thing that annoys me…but no…everythings going well..even in these circumstances.

    I dont want to have bad skin anymore. University is getting closer… 🙁

  33. Hey Kez…
    I’m so sorry to hear things are not going well… I know what its like having to struggle thru this nasty medication, the last thing you need is ADDED emotional stress!

    I do think you are looking better than your first pics … your lips look really sore, luckily mine were never so cracked…

    Well, you say you have about 5 weeks left, so lets hold thumbs that things get LOTS LOTS better for you!

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

    Good luck with everything…!

  34. PS on the bright side… you have beautiful eyes, and your hair doesn’t seem to be suffering dryness!


  35. Hey Kez…
    I’m so sorry to hear things are not going well… I know what its like having to struggle thru this nasty medication, the last thing you need is ADDED emotional stress!

    I do think you are looking better than your first pics … your lips look really sore, luckily mine were never so cracked…

    Well, you say you have about 5 weeks left, so lets hold thumbs that things get LOTS LOTS better for you!

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

    Good luck with everything…!

    Thanks a lot for the support! 🙂

  36. (day 80)

    I’m still getting spots 🙁 WHY WHY WHY….

    My skin cant decide whther its dry or not…

    nowadays when i try to apply makeup it results in me holding half of the skin from my chin…its literally just falling off. Other days theres no sign of dry skin…

    Moods… here and there. Like I said, I’m trying to get over a breakup so I’m putting bad feelings down to that. Ofcourse it doesnt help that I look pretty awful at the moment… argh. I dont know how I feel.

    Anyway, I have an appt with my derm on thursday…I wonder if they’ll put me on 4 or 5 months….

    I need clear skin….I’m so tired of this.


    Its 4am and my ENTIRE BODY ACHES. every single inch of my body is in absolute agony. My joints are body is heavy…

    I have a HUGE cyst on my chin. Huge and painful. Quite frankly I’m P****d off something terrible.

    I’m asking for 5months. I cant believe im still getting cysts.

    I’m not happy atall. I’m told i have some virus thats making my joints ache cause my body is fighting…


    I keep having monthly hormonal outbreaks…my acne is NEVER GOING TO GO AWAY.

    I hate acne.
    I hate hormones.
    I hate cysts.
    Right now I hate being me.

    (day 83)

  38. (day 86)

    well…I seen my derm a couple of days ago. It was a pretty bad appt. She made me feel more self conscious than I was before I went in. She told me id have to get used to living with a scarred face and that id have to accept the fact that people are going to stare at me for life. Very nicely put. She then told me that as soon as I left I was to go and collect application forms for mcdonalds and burger king..she thought it might be a step towards gaining confidence. Aye right.

    So…for the little time we DID discuss my skin she told me id probably need 5 months of roaccutane. This didnt suprise me as luckily on the day I went I had the most enormous purple cyst. Needless to say the fact that I had a new cyst upset me….but i felt a bit better knowing id have the longer course.

    She also went insane about my GP prescribing me betnovate for my eczema caused by accutane. From what I gathered she was going to complain. Oh deary….

    So…my skins as it was…red marks…no sign of those fading in a hurry, and my typical menstrual break out.


    My knees and wrists are KILLING ME…and my entire body aches. I’m also finding it quite difficult to open jars…and things like that…I just feel lke I have no strength.

    Mood….hmm I havnt been emotional or anything..I just feel down with the idea of having to live with skin like this forever. It could be worse…but it could be way better.

    More soon..and more pictures soon too.

  39. More pictures….really just to highlight the redness of my face…

    That side seems to have flared….it was always quite good… 🙁

    The dreaded side ARGH…. red marks EVERYWHERE.

    And that horrible face on picture…shows the scar off and everything. But yes..although it looks like theres moisture on my skin theres really none..It may have been the flash. Anyway, my entire face is bad sunburn. This has happened so quickly over the last few days…

    and a normal picture of me…when the redness calms..and my hair hides the little red dots. My skin just looks much healthier. AND. This is my hair not being washed in 3 days… i just soak it while in the shower and it returns to fluff…one of the pro’s of accutane.

    My ankles and knees its off to bed with me.

  40. day 89..i think (I’m beginning to lose track of dates etc… seems so long ago I started…

    anyway, the last 3 days have been the best so far. My skin looks a bit better..and for once I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT. I went out without makeup and didnt worry too much about the wind blowing my hair about exposing my bad skin (silly yes..but thats the extent of my worries)

    i have 0 spots. The cyst on my chin is entirely flat and healing pretty fast. I’ve noticed my skins getting a bit drier than its been, and my eczema is continuing to spread further up my arm.. Perhaps accutane is building up in my system now? I cant be sure.

    Currently, even as I’m typing this my back hurts. It feels like my spine, but all my aches feel like the bone and not the muscle.

    And a new side effect I think.. the tips of my fingers are dry and peeling. Pretty much looks like the eczema on my arms. It feels like the skins too tight for me to comfortably move my fingers around….its been this was for maybe 4/5days.

    Mood…up and down this week. I’ve felt absolutely crap and WONDERFUL. I still say this drug is strange.

    well..more soon.


    I really feel this is the turning point.

    I am beyond happy.

  42. Spoke too soon.

    I went to ireland for the week…and managed to gain 2 ENORMOUS cysts…and i mean ENORMOUS. The size is really quite incredible.

    I hate my skin.

    bla bla bla…we all know how that goes.

    i dont even know what day I’m on…and i dont care anymore.

    Yes…also I just slept for 26 hours. No joke. My parents were beginning to worry that I might be dead (regular breathing checks were carried out.

    26 hours…must be a record.

  43. cysts are still here.

    Lips are beyond dry.

    Mood is AWFUL.

    and i cant not sleep.


  44. Ok….day 6745.

    cysts have started to go away….they’re flat now..which is GREAT. whats not so great is that i am still getting them.

    The truth is, I havnt posted pictures in a while cause im too ashamed. My skin has definetly regressed. urghhhhhh.

    The condition overall dips and lifts constantly. For one week it might be great, spotless, cystless, glowing etc…and then ARGH I wake and its dry, a horrible colour and filled with new cysts. I’m getting worried, I wont lie.

    I’ve been an emotional wreck for the past…say 5 days. I havn’t wanted to leave the house…see my friends etc. And when I did to describe this…its just as if being in the wind and fresh air is too much for my skin to handle…it ruins any improvement.

    My eczema has persisted. It has good/bad days. Its a pain on the ass needless to say.

    Periods very nearly due….i expect a horrific hormonal breakout that lasts until 3 days before my next period when it gets worse.

    I hate acne.


    the story of my accutane ridden life.

    My period DID NOT…I repeat DID NOT bring ANY new cysts.

    IN FACT…my skin has cleared and healed dramatically since its arrival.

    I’m beginning to think my carelessness with b/c pill had previously caused a little hormone inbalance. I never took it at the same time..and always ended up with 1 pill left. ….I have no idea….

    So…I’m back for my 6th appt with the derm in the morning…well..5 hours (sleeping issues are as they were… 4am until 2pm) Hopefully this appt will be more pleasant and encouraging.

    My eczema has been horrible…really swollen and itchy.

    My lips are getting a little better. They’re still dry as a bone, but rather that than fleshy.

    My mood is still apalling…really. I let someone i know to be an arse make me cry…i stayed in for days…and didnt contact my friends….I have no idea…

    I’ll be uploading more pictures very soon. Everyone can witness my spot ridden face. I’d love to show it to someone with moderate acne who complains that their skin hasnt cleared at the end of month no.1


    Rant over..and sleep time. I have blood to be drawn soon!

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  47. day 115.

    So, my appt with my derm went well. Although, she said she could still feel some lumps around my chin and on my cheek so I was given another month at 60mg.

    My lips are still chronic, my skins horrible feeling, and my joints hurt BAD.

    Last night I actually fell over. It seemed as if the muscles on my right leg had given up on me. I’m alright now luckily.

    i have no active spots at the moment.. I did notice one on my neck (one of the worst areas for me) but since yesterday it seems to be going down.

    University starts in a month so im sincerely hoping that more improvement happens before then. 🙁

    More soon.

  48. Pictures…. 1 week into month 5.

    Excuse the horrid facial expressions.. I wasnt in the best of moods.My skins looking alright.. but the lips…ahhh their hideous. You can see how far the scabs stretch around my mouth 🙁

    Oh again id just like to say my face is dry as a bone. the shiney lines are from the flash.

    3 weeks to go until im finished! hmm

  49. My skins clear again!! Hmm..wonder how long it will last. I’m 2 weeks from finishing…and then I start a topical (which I hate since they ruin your clothes etc) oh well…

    Ive had no new cysts in maybe 3 weeks. Just a few small pimples. My lips are under control at the moment but my eczema is awful.

    I’m starting to feel a little optimistic. I’m hoping by xmas there will be much noticable improvement. I suppose I shall just have to start uni with a horrid red mark ridden face.

    PLEASE GIVE ME NO MORE CYSTS Is all I keep thinking.

    Moods suprisingly good. Best its been in a while.

    all in all. good.

  50. hey,

    havnt posted for a while (forgot password). i see ur skin has improved much. i also have no more new spots which makes a nice change 😀 . the problem at the moment is red scarring which will take many more months for them to go down. i did recently buy bio-oil which supposedly helps the skin.

  51. ok…an update. (at one week from finishing my 5 month course)

    I had another BAD breakout maybe a week or so ago. I continued to take ibuprofen and icing my cysts (which has NEVER worked before but did now) I’ve also started drinking MILLIONS of water every day. I think this is helping too.

    Anyway…my eczema has got worse..its now all up my arms and on my feet. Very Very annoying. I havn’t actually had any joint pains in a while..but I know my limit of walking and things.

    I have nothing active on my face. However..the most amazing thing happened today..I woke with what seemed to be a big cyst…it was very painful, red…and obvious. 6 hours later and its COMPLETELY GONE!

    *sips on massive glass of water*

    All I have left now are red marks from previous cysts. I can’t actually describe how soft and smooth my skin is! I havn’t felt anything like it in atleast 5 years. No lumps..pain..sore bits NOTHING. And it feels bloody great!!!

    So…with a week to go i’m very happy with the progress. I do know it’ll be a good while before my red marks fade. 🙁 Which is a shame, but a little powder helps cover those…where as couldn’t hide the enormous lumps dotted everywhere.

    My opinion of roaccutane right that it really is a miracle drug for severe acne. If I have to go on a second course in a few months, I will gladly use it again!!

    I’ll keep updating progress post-tane. See how it improves…(hopefully I wont start getting cysts again)

    10/10 for roaccutane.

    And some pictures….

    Head on..yuck HAHA. Apparently it looks like I’ve been in the sun…but of course I’ve been hiding from the sun! Oh…and any redness is because I had just washed my face when these pictures were taken..that always calms in 10mins.

    and…the dreaded side…those red marks..I hate them 🙁

    And this side is alright I suppose 🙂

    And how I look now with a little makeup on…. WILLING TO SHOW MY FACE WHEN I GO OUT…it really is like a new life.

    I’ll post some more in a few weeks after im finished and have started my topical.

  52. day 140.

    So yesterday was SUPPOSED to be the ending of my 5 months (which was supposed to be 4months) on roaccutane.

    HOWEVER, I go to the derm…and all she says is "hmm". She leaves the room..calls lots of different people in…and a consultant.

    The long and short of this post is that my course has yet again been extended. from 4months… to 6months…and a casual mention of maybe 7months.

    I’m not sure how I feel about it…whether its bad that I still have "activity" or whether its good cause the more I get the better my skin gets.

    My mind is everywhere.

    I was so prepared for finishing. I really thought it was the end.

    My skin feels great. It looks a mess..but it feels great.

    acht more soon…maybe pictures too.

    My battle with acne continues. Will it ever end?

  53. Day 145.

    I swear my skins getting bad again. It can never stay nice for longer than a week. My pours are huge…my scars are noticable, I got a new cyst tonight…(evident in the pictures below) my knees are killing me and the doctor informed me again today that I have an eye infection in both eyes. Great.

    So uni comes. I have acne. An eye infection. Im obsessed over a ridiculous diet…I need to skip lectures for derm appts back home and I cant enjoy a nice drink on freshers week.

    So…instead of showing my skin off as my new life starts….I’m going searching for a good foundation and worrying over what my flatmates will think when they see my face minus makeup.

    I’m pissed off.

    Heres some pictures…

    The side that earned me more roaccutane. Those red dots are all smooth…but the derm says their active cysts. This could be good..since more roaccutane might help them go away…where as before I was worried that this would be what I was left with. How do I feel? I do not know.

    And my new small cyst. Came about an hour ago…it doesn’t hurt…and its pretty flat (on the surface, its probably massive and deep under my skin) I’ll ice it in a little bit.

    I just want clear skin so badly now. I can’t handle more months. However…it doesnt actually seem like so long ago since I made my first post here….. and my god so many people are reading about my acne… waw.

    Off I got to take some ibuprofen..and ice my entire face!!

  54. i wouldn’t even say you have anything to worry about. I know you’ve been on tane for a while and its all how you feel about your skin, but damn i’d do anything to have skin like that right now!

    i’m also 18 years old, and i’ve been on accutane 4 days for serious acne. i really hope my face starts to clear up soon..

  55. well…. I’ve been at uni and thats why I havn’t updated this in so long! Uni is pretty amazing…. ANYWAY… i was back at the derm today. I’m continuing for another month… thats 7 months now. Pretty long.

    the overall condition of my skin isnt all that good. I’m told it’ll be 3 months before any scars start to fade or anything. I can’t say I know how my red marks are doing..must be pretty good cause i havnt looked in the mirror and cringed for a long while. No new spots this month!!! and the derm says my skin is completely acne free. This extra month is really just a precaution. My lips are insanely dry but my joint pains have stopped completely. moods been great. Confidence is great… everything is great.

    More soon and pictures.

  56. well…. I’ve been at uni and thats why I havn’t updated this in so long! Uni is pretty amazing…. ANYWAY… i was back at the derm today. I’m continuing for another month… thats 7 months now. Pretty long.

    the overall condition of my skin isnt all that good. I’m told it’ll be 3 months before any scars start to fade or anything. I can’t say I know how my red marks are doing..must be pretty good cause i havnt looked in the mirror and cringed for a long while. No new spots this month!!! and the derm says my skin is completely acne free. This extra month is really just a precaution. My lips are insanely dry but my joint pains have stopped completely. moods been great. Confidence is great… everything is great.

    More soon and pictures.


  57. Wow!! I’ve been reading your blog and its really helped me. I’m amazed about how much better your skin looks…I only hope mine does the same even though mine isn’t that noticeable…only in harsh sunlight 🙁 anyway anymore advice or photos on how your coping after roaccutatne please let me know!!!


  58. I just wanted to congradulate you on your huge skin improvement. I hope everything works out well for you

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