MyChelle has new cream for oily skin + 30% off sale

I’ve been using MyChelle Dermaceuticals skin care products for I think a couple of years now with great success. They now have a new special moisturizer for very oily acne-prone skin called Oil Free Grapefruit Cream. They are also having a 30% off sale on their entire line for two weeks, April 11 through April 26, 8:00 Mountain Standard Time. It’s also "Acne Awareness Month" this month at MyChelle ( ). This is the link to the page about the new grapefruit cream: .

What’s New?

Oil Free Grapefruit Cream (OFGC) is the newest addition to the MyChelle family of skin care. This very light moisturizer helps manage your skin’s oil balance and provides natural, gentle antimicrobial effects to protect against infectious lesions. OFGC is perfect for extremely oily skins that need just a little added moisture and softness to keep skin from becoming dehydrated and fragile. This formula is excellent for all levels of problem/blemish prone skin. Some key ingredients:

Hydrolyzed yeast protein: revitalizes skin, reconstructs the barrier that regulates trans epidermal water loss.

Pyridoxine (Vit. B-6): regulates oil production

D-panthenol (pro-vit. B-5): supports healing of skin, hydrating.

Manuka oil: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract: rich in vitamin C (antioxidant), restorative.

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One thought on “MyChelle has new cream for oily skin + 30% off sale

  1. By the way, I’m experimenting with changing my MyChelle skin care routine. I’m 54 years old and my skin has been feeling pretty dry for a while now. I think that the Jessner chemical peel that I had a few years ago caused my skin to not retain moisture in a normal way like it used to. (I really, really regret having had that peel — it really damaged my skin.)

    Anyway, I had been using both the Perfect C (Vit. C) serum and the Clear Skin Serum twice a day. For the last week I’ve been using the C serum only at night, and using the Clear Skin Serum only as a spot treatment. I was using the Pumpkin Peel mask twice a week, but now I’m using it once a week and using the Blueberry Moisturizing mask once a week also. I’ve noticed that when I use my Gloria Martel SkinLift light regularly and also take Nutra Lift Ultra Nutrient liquid minerals, that my skin gets moister and softer. I’m also using the Mychelle Honeydew cream cleanser twice a day instead of just at night. I’ve got a couple of bumps near or in my eyebrows but other than that I’m staying pretty clear.

    I’ve been using Gabriel’s dual powder foundation also and I actually think it helps to keep my skin clear. I would like to use a more moisturizing foundation but I’m afraid that it will break me out. For all I know, I might have finally outgrown acne, but I’m too afraid to stop using and doing everything to find out if I still have acne or not. Some of my blackheads are so badly embedded that it takes months for them to come out. Sometimes I think that they’ll never come out. I think that’s because of the Jessner peel also. The skin got tighter and harder and stuff gets really impacted into my pores. My skin doesn’t have the elasticity it used to have.

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