My Ride with Accutane (journal)

A little background on yours truly…. Im 29/F, very oily face but very dry skin on the rest of my body… have been dealing with moderate acne for as long as I can remember and quite honestly I dont remember ever having clear skin! Ive tried everything OTC, my family doc even tried a thing or two and my derm has tried all the topicals including Retin-A, Differin, Benzacycline and all the antibiotics and even a diuretic that lessens oil production! NOTHING worked (duh) So here I am on DAY 11 @ 40mg/day of "THE" drug :wink

Honestly gotta say…so far so good (probably just jinxed myself 😕 ) Of course I already have the oh so great dry lips…Bag Balm folks, it works wonders on lips!! I have noticed being a tad crabby at times, more so than usual…hubby now calls me crab-a$$! I already have uber dry skin so thats nothing unusual for me and so far it hasnt gotten any worse…yet! The worst has been the dry itchy scalp…never had a problem with that before and its HORRIBLE :crazyeyes My face hasnt gotten any worse, maybe alittle better actually. I have 3 pencil eraser sized pimples(along with the more flat red ones on my cheeks and jawline) that are alittle sore to the touch and red and raised that dont seem to be going anywhere and thats unusual for me. I have also started with the whole face looking like its got a bit of sun burn red look to it….which really doesnt bother me.

I certainly hope that my journal will be a tad more positive than some of what Ive read on these boards…..I was actually starting to freak after reading some of the posts! But I know that everyone is different with their experiences and bodies and hopefully my experience wont be so negative! *crosses fingers* 🙂

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8 thoughts on “My Ride with Accutane (journal)

  1. DAY 12

    Oh my God my head is itching like CRAZY :crazyeyes I spent 15 minutes this morning pealing skin off my scalp!! Ive NEVER had a problem with this ever!! Im going first thing to get some dandruff shampoo and conditioner cuz I cant stand this!! I did pop (I know, shame on me) one of those 3 "pimples" this morning, it bled like crazy which for me is unusual, but I put a dab of Benza-cline cream on it and by the time I woke up this afternoon it was nothing but a scab 🙂 The redness in my face is all but gone already too! Oh and, since I didnt mention it in my first post…I work 3rd shift 1130pm-730am…thus the reason why I said when I woke up in the afternoon :wink So other than the horrible, annoying itchy crawly PEELING scalp….all is good 😀

  2. DAY 13

    I think Im noticing some improvement in my face 🙂 Instead of having more grouped together red blotchy acne, its now looking like dots…dont know if thats good or bad yet but Im happy with it!

    Bought some Head and Shoulders Intensive Shampoo with Selenium Sulfate and some Head and Shoulders Moisture Rich Conditioner with Pyrithione Zinc for my lovely itchy peeling scalp. Figured Id get 2 different kinds of dandruff formulas and ones bound to work! The itching tonight is far less already but my office here at work is very dry and that doesnt help matters!!

    Is it possible that I could be one of few who doesnt get all the horrible side effects and massive breakouts and actually starts seeing an improvement so early? *crosses fingers* Or am I one of the doomed to be going all good and then 3 months in break out and be miserable? Guess we shall see…… :angel

  3. DAY 16

    Well my itchy flaky scalp is all but gone now thank god!! 🙂 I forgot to mention that Im also taking 600mg/day of Vitamin E now so I dont know if its doing any good or not but it cant hurt!! I have a total of 6 actual raised pimples on my face…still have the flat red ones though….dont know if Im starting to get THE breakout or what but its not bad…atleast not as of yet! Oil on my face is getting better. Im going Monday for my bloodwork….

    Still all around so far so good….no major complaints :wink

  4. DAY 20

    Things are still going smooth. Face is getting pretty dry now…I wash my makeup off as soon as I get home from work in the morning and Im taking one of my Vitamin E gelcaps and popping a hole in the end and squeezing it out and mixing it with my face lotion (Neutrogena Combination Skin Facial Moisturizer) before I go to sleep and it works wonders on keeping my face hydrated 🙂 Any pimples I get I put a spot of my Benza-clin on it. I should be getting my results from my blood work any day now…..Im not too worried about my triglycerides being up too far cuz Ive also been drinking Pomegranate juice which is a great antioxidant and helps in keeping cholesterol down! So all in all Im still a happy camper…. :wink

  5. DAY 34

    So I went today for my first months checkup at my Derm. My blood work was GREAT 😀 She increased my dosage from 40 to 60. No new side effects to report, skin has gotten even more dry…no biggie…Im used to it! Face oil is GONE and Im loving it, same with oil in my hair…yeah I have alittle more to do when I get out of the shower to ensure that I dont dry up and blow away but thats ok. No new breakouts, face is looking ok. I still tan atleast twice a week…I backed my time down and am working it back up but Ive never gotten burned, I do put my shirt over my face half way through my tanning time to ensure that I dont burn my face :wink Its been smooooooooth sailing on my end 8)

  6. DAY 50

    Well my side effects have seemed to "level off"…nothing new…nothing worse….the dryness of my face isnt bothersome anymore….chapped lips are always annoying but o-well :roll I got alittle pink when I went an tanned yesturday morning which is a first for me and where I can feel it mainly is on and around my lips 😐 …go figure!

    Im not really noticing any REAL HUGE improvements to my face besides the fact that I dont get the larger painful bumps anymore and no new breakouts….It seems as though the ones I do have just wont go anywhere. Ive also noticed that the scars that Ive had from acne are really noticeable now 🙁 Has anyone else had this happen??

    One of these days Im gonna have to post pics from shortly after I started taking Accutane to whenever I take another one :wink Maybe there has been noticeable improvement but since I see myself everyday I wouldnt notice.

  7. I’ve noticed the scarring thing too.. on the left side of my cheek theres a huge mass of scars I never knew I had 🙁 Even makeup doesnt cover them… 🙁

  8. DAY 63

    So I got my first nose bleed the other day…nothing major thank god!

    It seems as if the exact spots where I had a pimple pop up are popping up again….then they go away and pop up again…..grrr….just go AWAY already!! 😡

    And last night I completely broke down and balled my eyes out cuz of the scars and red marks that are on my face :cry Im looking into a product called BIOSKINCARE to use while on Accutane to reduce scarring and to help old scars….Im going to have my dermatologist research it before I buy it…I go this next wed to the derm…

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