My Ride with Accutane (journal)

A little background on yours truly…. Im 29/F, very oily face but very dry skin on the rest of my body… have been dealing with moderate acne for as long as I can remember and quite honestly I dont remember ever having clear skin! Ive tried everything OTC, my family doc even tried a thing or two and my derm has tried all the topicals including Retin-A, Differin, Benzacycline and all the antibiotics and even a diuretic that lessens oil production! NOTHING worked (duh) So here I am on DAY 11 @ 40mg/day of "THE" drug :wink

Honestly gotta say…so far so good (probably just jinxed myself 😕 ) Of course I already have the oh so great dry lips…Bag Balm folks, it works wonders on lips!! I have noticed being a tad crabby at times, more so than usual…hubby now calls me crab-a$$! I already have uber dry skin so thats nothing unusual for me and so far it hasnt gotten any worse…yet! The worst has been the dry itchy scalp…never had a problem with that before and its HORRIBLE :crazyeyes My face hasnt gotten any worse, maybe alittle better actually. I have 3 pencil eraser sized pimples(along with the more flat red ones on my cheeks and jawline) that are alittle sore to the touch and red and raised that dont seem to be going anywhere and thats unusual for me. Could they be cysts?? I have also started with the whole face looking like its got a bit of sun burn red look to it….which really doesnt bother me.

I certainly hope that my journal will be a tad more positive than some of what Ive read on these boards…..I was actually starting to freak after reading some of the posts! But I know that everyone is different with their experiences and bodies and hopefully my experience wont be so negative! *crosses fingers* 🙂

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