Bloating/water retention on Accutane

Hi all….Ive looked around on the boards pertaining to water retention while taking accutane and havent seen anything. Im only on day 8 of taking accutane but Ive noticed that all of a sudden Im retaining water like crazy…is this normal and has anyone else experienced it?? If so, any advice for it? Gotta love the dry lips 😕 totally digging the itchy scalp already 😐 Yup, this is gonna be bumpy pun intended :wink

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One thought on “Bloating/water retention on Accutane

  1. at first my scalp wasa awful! but it stopped after a while… jus use basic head and shoulders, it shud do the trick! as for lips arm your self with the medi plus blistex if you can find it! gd luck! 🙂

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