Why Vitamin B5 for acne?

Like me, more and more people are using Vitamin b5 (Pantothenic Acid) to cure their acne. Below is some useful information that I’ve gathered from my experiences.

How it works

The main acne causing factor is oily skin! Vitamin B5 regulates your oil producing glands to a normal level, similar to acutane without the severe side effects.

The reason too much oil is being released has to do with the lipids and fatty acid deposits underneath the skin not getting broken down and re-circulated into the bloodstream. Instead they are being released as sebum (oil). What enables our body to break down these fatty acids is directly related to an enzyme called coenzyme A, which is an essential enzyme to the body and is used for fatty acid metabolism.

When there is enough Vitamin B5 available in the diet, the deficiency in coenzyme A is eliminated. As a result, a person’s fatty acids get broken down and the skin doesn’t over release oil. Without the over releasing of oil, acne does not occur.

Where to get Vitamin B5

I’ve been using vitamin B5 for three years and over that time, I’ve tried all the different types. The body absorbs B5 powder better than B5 tablets, meaning only three dosages a day of powder is needed compared with tablets which requires 4 dosages a day. Powder gives me better results.

There aren’t many powders on the market, there is B5clearskin and SkinB5, I personally prefer SkinB5 as it has other vitamins which improve the effects plus it tastes much better. I buy it from there website, http://www.skinb5.com , I’m not sure where else it can be purchased.


According to Dr Lit-hungs Leungs medical study 10grms a day is required to effectively treat acne. From my experience this is true! Originally I tried using 5 grms a day, however the results were poor. I quickly started taking 10grms a day, and I noticed the results within two days.

Possible Side Effects

The good thing about B5 is that it doesn’t really have many side effects. Here is what some people have reported:

-Mild or severe diarrhea

Personally, I had some stomach grumbling for the first few days. But this pretty much went away after 5 days. It is VERY GOOD to take your B5 with food. This will minimize diarrhea or stomach troubles.

B5 is water-soluble, so it is impossible to overdose on it. It is very, very safe. I read that it might not be the best idea to take it while pregnant or breast feeding.

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  1. This post has a lot of valuable information for anyone who has acne with oily skin.
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    I wish I knew about B5 back when my skin was super oily.

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  2. The other name for Vitamin B5 is Pantenol! But is better first ask a doctor for all that thinks !

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