Redness, prevention, IB question.

Hey guys. Bout finished my second week of 80 mg a day, couple questions.

First of all, I’ve noticed my face is starting to get kind of red. I am aware that is a possible and probable side effect. Im just curious if theres anything I should be doing to prevent/lessen the effect or something I might be able to do to better the chance of it going away

Also, although my acne was really bad the first week (and just a fyi, I started one pill a day for about a week before I started the full 80 mg, I just dont count that as a ‘week’, During the second week my acne has been clearing a rediculious amount. I know this may be extreme wishful thinking, but is it possible for the big ‘inital breakout’ to have come so early? or is that just wishful thinking and most likely I still have that coming up.

Thanks guys

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