muscle aches and pains

I know that sore aching muscles are a side effect…
i was just wondering if this normally continues throughout the whole course of medication? or does it go away? I’ve been on my medication for 9 weeks now and am still experiencing pain. Just wondering if it’ll go away (i guess not!) …?

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One thought on “muscle aches and pains

  1. I have been on accutane for about a month now. I get the muscle joint pains too, its weird i feel like a old woman sometimes lol. But i dont get the pains all the time… more like once in a while. Im on 60mg (for month two) 30mg for month one. From the journals i have read, people experienced the same thing, most complained about back pain…. but those went away when they finish their treatment. Nothing too bad to worry about, a little joint pain for 6 month versus bad skin

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