I found the BEST thing for dry lips!

Hey guys… i stumbled accross a treasure this weekend!!
its called Lip Sano.
I got it from the pharmacy… it was the cheapest lip care product on the shelf as well!
Its got Lanolin, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, SPF 30 and its waterproof. It claims to Moisturise, Protect and Soothe… and it does all that.

The down side is the little tub is kinda ugly! 🙂 lol! haha. small sacrifice.

it tingles a bit for 10 minutes… but because of the beeswax (i think) it forms a really strong barrier and doesnt come off that easily. I LOVE IT! it smells pretty good too 🙂

They seem to be a South African company… not sure if they export the stuff elswhere, but they do have a website: http://www.lipsano.com

But so far this is by FAR the best product i’v tried!

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