Digestive enzymes and Acne

hello i’m new to this website!

i never knew this site existed which is very ironic b/c im always on the internet surfing for new ways to cure acne!

i suffer from acne scars and i get few pimples on my face.

i can’t remember the last time my face was completely clear probably when i was 13.

i am now 19 and the only one in my family with acne!

ok enough of my boring life!

i just wanted to know if anyone has tried digestive enzymes and multi vitmins to help with there acne

my boyfriend told me his friend’s face cleared up in a month b/c he started using dig. enzymes.

now his friend and i have something in common we are both lactose intolerant…

every time i eat / drink dairy products i get pimples that hurt!

just wanted to know if anyone has tried this digestive enzymes and multivitamins ???

im trying it and using cetaphil to cleanse my face in the morning and night

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2 thoughts on “Digestive enzymes and Acne

  1. I have tried digestive enzymes and I found that it did helped. That along with a multioil supplement and zinc picolinate where the three supplements in my experience made a significant difference and are well worth a try before taking stronger drugs like accutane.

    welcome to the site!

  2. hey thanks for responding

    one question did you only take two enzyme pills a day ? or at every meal

    also did u have to change your food habits like less starch /dairy/ etc products?

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