Accutaners, if you haven’t taken at least 120 mg/kg total…

… you have a good chance that your acne will relapse. Studies have shown that 120 mg/kg total (not daily) was needed to give you your best chance of keeping acne away for ever. If you take at least 120 mg/kg (your conversion factor is 220 lbs = 100 kg. To calculate how much you need do the following:

your_weight(lbs)*(100/220)*120= total amount needed for treatment

The cool thing is that it appears you can take low doses over long periods of time and have it be just as effective as taking a high dose over a shorter period of time

The statistical breakdown if you meet the 120 mg/kg body weight is as follows

Patients using isotretinoin for the first time should be given a minimum total dose of 120 mg/kg, otherwise recurrence rates will be high. If such a minimum dose is administered and the follow-up is 3 years, then the patient has approximately a 39% chance of not having recurrent acne, a 17% chance of having acne severe enough to require topical therapy, a 25% chance of needing the use of oral antibiotics plus topical therapy, and a 19% chance of needing more isotretinoin. Patients younger than 18 years are more likely to experience a recurrence. On average, females who receive their first course of isotretinoin are older than males.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts where people are slacking off taking their accutane at the end of their treatment because they’ve got clear skin and it makes them ache or whatever. You do this at your own risk–you have been warned 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Accutaners, if you haven’t taken at least 120 mg/kg total…

  1. I didn’t really understand how i work this out for me.Maybe i’m being abit thick:)I’m 120lbs/54kg so how much accutane should i be having overall?I’m on 30mgs aday and increasing to 50mgs aday from the start of Jan.3omgs for 4 months and 50mgs for 2 months.

  2. lets see if this is correct.. or feasible.
    120mg per kg

    say a person is 50kgs—>120×50 = 6000mg

    20mg per pill

    require to take 300pills (of 20mg)

    I weigh 50 to 55kgs

    when i took accutane 60 pills per month. x 5 months = 300 pills

    (2 x 20mg per day)

    so sounds about right!!


    to Kelly, your dosage seems to be correct, after youve doen your final
    pill you would have done APPROX 120mg/kg!!!


  3. I’m not sure whether i will get enough.If this is how it’s worked out,i’d say;120×54=6480mg needed overall.
    I’m taking 30mg for 4 months.So;
    30×7=210mg in a week;
    210×4=840mg in a month;
    840×4=3360mg in 4 months.
    Then i’m taking 50mg for 2 months.So;
    50×7=350mg in a week;
    350×4=1400mg in a month;
    1400×2=2800mg in 2 months.
    I’ll get 3360mg in 4 months and 2800mg in 2 months,so overall i will get 6160mg of accutane.
    But as i need at least 6480mg overall(and that’s at 54kg,and i have lost weight from 60kg so i needed more then when i started the course)i won’t get enough.Maybe i should be on it for longer as i’ve been at such a low dose?I’m not sure,this is turning into abit of a maths lesson which i’m abit out of touch with;it’s been about 3 years since i had one of those awful things!LOL

  4. I didn’t really get the math in the original post, but FootFetish cleared that up.

    So for me at 100kg:
    100 X 120 = 12000mg

    I’m taking 80mg per day, so 12,000 / 80 = 150 days, or 5 months, so that’s about right I guess¿
    Been 12 days so far and it seems to be helping.

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