Makeup while on Accutane

Hey gals:

I am 2 weeks into my accutane treatment. I still wear makeup even though my face is really dry, i just have to do it because i am working full time and have lots of meetings with important people. But somehow i feel guilty doing this. My derm said do whatever i like as long as i am happy (she met putting makeup on and stuff).

Do you girls out there put makeup on to cover up during your treatment? I would like to know if i can keeping having my makeup on throughout the entire time.

Many thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Makeup while on Accutane

  1. hey!

    i’ve given up on using foundation while on this stuff. It made my skin feel clogged and sticky… all i wanted to do was wash my face.

    I now bite the bullet and go to work without any foundation <<cringe!>> i HATE HATE HATE it… but i know it is better for me in the long run. I now just wear eye makeup. If i go out in the evening i wear foundation… but then its only for a few hours, and not all day.

    i am hoping that one day my skin will be so great, that i wont NEDD foundation… is that wishful thinking? 😛

  2. Hey not at all, that is exactly what i think is going to happen sooner or later. Even though i put makeup on pretty much everyday, i have to say, i hate using foundation…having to remove the make up when i get home is really a lot of trouble.

    But lets keep an open mind, i think soon we will not need foundation no more 😀

  3. i REALLY hope so pineapple!!
    it would be so cool not to have to waer foundation on a normal day to day basis!
    nowadays makeup just makes my face feel clogged and dirty… feels better without, but i am SO self concious i can’t BEAR to look at anyone.
    it will get better, it will get better, it WILL get better! 🙂

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