Glad to ready everyone’s comment! I am not alone anymore:)

I started accutane two weeks ago. Not doing very well right now because my face is really itchy and I am experiencing major breakouts- and it really hurts.

Not a single one of my friend have acne problems like i do. For all these years, i have been feeling like i am the only odd ball looking like this…i wear really heavy makeup, and i would never wash my face in front of anyone besides my parents.

I started taking accutane when i visited my derm 2 weeks ago. I was so happy when she told me that this medication WILL work, and I WILL see improvements by summer 2007. However, i was also frighten by all the side effects that they described.

Again, i feel so alone in this battle. I feel that no one can understand how i feel. My friends would constantly ask me to hang out, but i would come up with lame excuses each time. I have told 2 of my close friends that i am concerned with my acne condition, but they told me not to worry and just come out. However, i dont think this is about what i think, because this is about what other people think of me and how they react and response to seeing me. I really dont like it when people stare at my face when i go out.

I even had strangers on the street commenting on my situation, people at the startbucks would ask me "what happened to your face"? I would usually smile and say "stress, lack of sleep, time of the month, etc" and then i would feel like crap after that, because i am already suffering from this, and i dont feel like i need to explain to other people why am i suffering.

Anyways, i found this site yesterday… and i stayed up for hours reading everyone’s comments and responses. I think this is so great, i dont feel alone anymore. Even though i am not anywhere close to have clear skin right now, but it looks like everyone is pretty confident about this medication.

If we are all going to have clear skin at the end (though i know the accutane dont work for a tiny percentage of people) We should remain positive, happy, and open minded during this very short period of time in which will soon become history:)

Lastly, just wanna say thank you to everyone here for being brave to tell the world that you are on accutane, you were not afraid to try it, and you have faith in it:)

Lets keep up with the good work!

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One thought on “Glad to ready everyone’s comment! I am not alone anymore:)

  1. welcome pineapple county! 😀
    i also started the medication about 3 weeks ago and am red and itchy like MAD! i am also really embarrassed to go out and be seen looking like this! Hoping it’ll pay off soon.
    keep us posted and let us know how u doing… im sure we can all pick up handy tips and stuff from each other. 🙂

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