roaccutane journal – geckogirl – with pictures

so, i thought i’d start one too… maybe u guys can give me some advice…

i am a 24 year old girl from south africa. I have been on roaccutane for almost 2 weeks now. 20mg twice a day. I have also been prescribed differin cream (for spots) and physiogel (moisturiser). As well as the pill (yasmin)

on about day 3 my lips got pretty dry and vaseline helped.
Acne started getting really bad…. worst i’ve ever looked in my life!
Facial skin became sensitive to the sun and started itching like mad! especially itchy at night.

after about 5 days the vaseline stopped soothing completely and just made me look ridiculous always having shiny slimy lips! i need to find something better… any suggestions?

i am now on day 10 and my eyes have started burning, gotta put eyedrops in twice a day or so.

The acne is still REALLY bad and very itchy…

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  1. so, i’ve been on this stuff for 2 weeks today.

    this weekend i got myself some moisturising vitamin E face mist from the body shop… which is really great! it soothes and moisturises without making your face shiny/greasy.

    my scalp is also starting to get pretty dry and flaky.

    my skin looks the worst it has EVER looked in my life. i dont want to go out anywhere or let anyone see me… its pretty embarrasssing. All i can say is i hope this damn stuff works!

  2. Day 15 (only!)
    wow! i woke up last night after being asleep for only about 2 hours and my face was ON FIRE! Itchy, Itchy, Itchy, Itchy! went and slapped some moisturiser on and jumped back into bed pulling faces from the burn! :roll :crazyeyes :oops

    I also get pretty thirsty in the night.

    I woke up this morning needing eyedrops.

    Something really wierd… for the past 4 or 5 mornings i have woken up feeling like i have a mother of a hangover! even tho i have not sipped any alcohol for about a month!! dont know if its the roaccutane making me feel so bad, or just this time of the year! 🙂

    I found something rather nice for the lips tho… its "Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream Skin Protectant"… it is actually face cream but i couldnt imagine putting it on my face… WAY too greasy and thick. But a tiny drop works wonders for these lips!

    my face on the other hand looks really bad! quite red and patchy and dry flaky bits.

    only going to the derm again early next year.

  3. oh yes, and i had to buy a new handbag this weekend for all this stuff! my old one was bulging at the seams!

    i was just wondering where guys keep all this stuff, :wink i mean, i have a little bottle of the tablets, moisturiser, 3 kinds of lip balm/cream, eyedrops, vitamin E facial spray, tissues, wet wipes and pain killers! and then all normal stuff like keys, purse, cell phone, etc etc…

    i am going to need a back op after all this from lugging this thing around with me all the time! 🙂

  4. someone just told me i look stressed out!
    i hate the way i look!!! i really hope things get better SOON! i am too embarrassed to go anywhere or see anyone with the way my skin looks right now!

  5. oh boy! have i been itchy today! scratching like a mangy dog! 🙂

    does anyone have some good advice for DRY SCALP? i read on this forum something about banana hair putty from the body shop… i love the sound of that… gonna see if i can find that this weekend. Not sure if South Africa will have it…
    i also heard rinsing with rooibos tea is good… will give that a shot too sometime soon.

    other than itches and flaky scalp, nothin new really.

    one good thing is i’v stopped biting my nails coz i dont want my fingers in my mouth coz it rubs the lip moisturiser off <<lol>> at least this damn roaccutane is good for something!

  6. <sigh>

    i dont want to depress anybody but today feels like the worst day of my life. Last night i started feeling really miserable and had an early night. This morning i woke up feeling really bad. I dont have any energy and i just want to lie in bed and cry.

    i am NOT looking forward to pms this month! i think i should be locked up and kept away from the general public for safety reasons! lol.

    i hope i feel better soon. havent felt this bad in years… if ever. i can only put it down to this medication… i am also on the pill (i wasnt before) and im wondering which medication is playing a bigger role in screwing with my hormones… any suggestions?

  7. Hi Geckogirl:

    Cheer up! Its not so bad. Almost everyone here said that they have seen great results one way or another after finishing the program. Which means you WILL have great beautiful skin that people may envy one day. what we are going through now will be history!

    Honestly, there are moments during the day when i look in the mirror and feel like i am going to burst into tears. But i try to control it and not think about i- since i am afraid that i might have depression as a side effect, which is not funny at all…

    Picture this, three months later, you will have cleared skin, your facial features will stand out and you will be beautiful (this is how i imagine myself to be 3 mon. later hehe) because when we have acne, it really stands out and covers up our face and we look terriable. But later, acne will be gone and you will be happy. We dont want horriable memories here:)

    I know exactly how you feel, my acne problem is on my mind 247 but i have to encourage myself because my situation is really really really bad…like really bad. 6 out of 10 people that walk by me turn and take a second look. But all i know is that once this is over, i can go out there and do everything i want to do but can not do at this point:)

    So, cheers, time will fly when you think less about it, try to watch TV or read some books to keep your mind off the problems 🙂 This will soon be over and you wont even remeber it if you dont leave some unforgetable bad memories, right?

  8. right 🙂
    i like that approach… don’t leave bad memories! i am certainly trying!
    thank you to everyone on this forum with all there positive feedback and advice… it really helps. 🙂

  9. DAY 22

    my skin still looks bad… i think over the past 2 to 5 days i havent got any new spots… but the ones i had arent going away (could be coz i am an obsessive compulsive picker – i know its bad, i know i shouldn’t bla bla bla…).

    i have noticed my feet are really dry and flaky too (GROSS!!)

    what other changes… i think my lips are getting used to being dry, its not so irritating anymore.

    ummm, i have been drinking water by the gallon… can’t believe how thirsty i am (its also been really hot here in SA lately, so that also adds to the drinking water situation)

    thats about it really, other than being really tired and lethargic all the time (could also be the heat and that time of year when u need a holiday…?)

    anyway, other than the itchiness and spotty flaky face and scratchy eyes :crazyeyes …

    i’m ok 😀

  10. ok, so i thought it might be a good idea to put some pics in…
    i will update them maybe once a week. (they will all be taken with a camera phone, so quality is not superb, but definately adequate! 🙂
    not that i want everyone seeing how awful i look, but i’m hoping that the improvement will be fantastic!

    these are from DAY 23
    Right and left side of my face. I have never looked this bad EVER! :cry
    I’m also really really tired.

  11. right, where are we DAY 25

    i THINK i might be noticing a very very slight improvement… or at least a change.

    my skin is still dry and scratchy BUT it seems to have started healing.
    the last 2 days i have still got new zits (which i have been trying SO DAMN HARD not to squeeze and squish!)

    on the down side, my arms have started getting very dry and flaky. As well as my ears (go figure!!). and my feet are still really dry and gross.

    on the up side… i tried ginger anti dandruff shampoo and a brazil nut hair mask from the body shop last night (for dry hair and scalp) and all i can say is WOW!! my hair feels soft and healthy and smells absolutely delicious 🙂 (which makes me feel good to small nice all day lol!)

    i read about green smoothies in the good foods thread… and i might try that this weekend, and make it a regular in my diet… hoping that’ll help with energy levels too… coz my energy is shot to cR4p! 😛

  12. Hey There,

    I was where you are trust me. But you have to hang in there. It does get better. take a look at my log. You will see how I had my down days as well. Then at about month 3 1/2 it was like a rainbow came through. And now my skin is not the only thing on my mind.

    You can PM me if you have any questions. Anytime. I also know how everyone needs support.


  13. DAY 29 (4 weeks in)

    no real changes in how i feel and stuff… still dry, itchy etc.
    Aches and pains seem to have subsided. Skin on my arms and feet is getting drier tho.

    here are the pics… i dont really see too much change.
    I know some people have it A LOT worse than i do, and my thoughts go out to them! but this is the worst i have EVER looked in my life… so, for me, this is really bad.

    i am hoping i wont look like this for much longer… i want to look ok for christmas!

    i am feeling less self concious about my skin, but only coz i know there is nothing i can do about it. Just hoping to see some positive results soon.

  14. i THINK i see an improvement (touch wood!)
    i had this really gross thing on my chin, which i musta scratched in the night about 3 nights ago and it just looked so bad that i couldnt help myself, and yesterday i ripped off the bit of revolting yellow scratchy skin covering it… and it looks so so much better today.

    I dont really have any new pimples as such… but i have lots of scratchy scabby red bits. And dry patches… but i think its ok… just hope i am not imagining things.

    hope it gets better soon!!

  15. Hi Geckogirl:

    Yay! I am glad that you are seeing improvement. I think things are going to get better from now on for sure. It seems like people get the initial breakout around the same time we do and it seems like people also start to recover around this time (4-5 weeks after the flare ups).

    Keep your chin up! I am also seeing improvement from my skin, although i know i still need time. We need to bear with it for the moment and let’s be sure we stay happy for now :angel

  16. So have you been through the peeling off stage of accutane yet? A few days into accutane my skin on face peeled completely off. Even the smalles pore cleanned up.

  17. my face got lots of little scratchy bits that i just HAD to scratch off … naughty, i know… but i can’t help it.
    The skin that came off was pretty thick… like a few layers.
    looks better today… my boss even said she noticed its getting better…
    YIPPEE!! 😀 😀 😀
    my feet are INCREDIBLY dry and peely… especially after a bath!

  18. day 38.
    slowly getting better… i would post pics… but my PC crashed and the pics are on there.
    Still dry, itchy, red… eyes seem to be less dry tho.
    The pimples heal a lot faster as well.
    Getting there (i hope!!)

  19. DAY 44

    i cant get my pics uploaded on the photo hosting site… sorry!

    i think its getting worse. Its definately NOT getting better. My face is very red and now my nose is peeling big time.

    feeling a bit despondent.

    going to derm on 3 jan.

  20. Cheer up Geckogirl, my pimples heal very fast now. I think this happens to everyone that are on this stage. Last week and earlier this week i had some bad break outs too, but it got much better within a week. Hang in there!

  21. i havent been posting updates for the past month or so coz i’ve been on holiday and i dont have the internet at home.

    I have been taking pics once a week and i will post the progress and stuff sometime this week when i have a chance 🙂

    things are getting better… i dont look like a circus freak so much anymore 🙂 which is cool.

    I will update soon.

  22. ok… here is the BIG update for over the past 3 weeks or so (i was on leave)

    Right here we go…

    18 dec DAY 35

    not much change in this week. Still bad, red and itchy… i was holding thumbs that i would look ok for christmas… to no avail tho…

    these are my pics from

    27 dec DAY 44

    i looked AWFUL!! had major breakout and was VERY red… i was feeling really down and depressed about my skin.
    Not a great way to spend Christmas!

    NEW YEAR… i was hoping it would be a good one… these pics are from

    2 jan DAY 50 (7 weeks in)

    FINALLY an improvement… redness has lessened and not quite so itchy … hooray!

    i went to see my derm on 3 jan… she said she is happy with the progress… she prescribed another 2 months for me (same strength etc, which i’m relieved about)

    She said something a bit strange… which i have KIND OF been following.
    She said i must stop using water to wash my face and i should only wipe it with olive oil… and then put on my moisturiser (physiogel) … i thought to myself that there is NO WAY i am not gonna use water… so this is what i am doing (seems to be helping)
    i wash my face with my normal moisturising Vit E cleanser (and water!! 😛 ) and only in the evening do i wipe on some olive oil, BUT then i pat my face with a tissue, and put on moisturiser.
    The olive oil doesnt make your face shiny or gross or anything like i thought… but your face is a bit slimy to touch.

    but its all good.

    I’m feeling a bit more confident…

    as far as all the other side effects go… i went through a stage about 3 weeks ago when i would get a new rash every 3 days or so… each time on a diff part of my body… was very itchy and annoying!! that has stopped thank goodness!

    i am still having aches and pains and muscle cramps and stuff… does this go on throughout the entire course?
    lips and eyes and hair still dry.

    hopefully i’m over the worst!

  23. hey gal, u r looking much better than me! i have to use lots of makeup to cover my redness or else my face is basically red!

    i am so happy for you, i guess accutane does work, we just need to give it some time 🙂

  24. i refuse to wear makeup on a daily basis… will only wear foundation if i am going somewhere smart or whatever.

    yip, things are looking up… i just hope that once we are off this medication things will stay good! i dont want to have gone thru all this just to have a relapse so to speak and be back where i started 🙂

    thanks for the encouragement!

  25. i got my very first nose bleed yesterday… 🙁
    and by very first… i MEAN VERY FIRST… like ever in my whole life!!! and i’m 24! it was very mini tho 🙂
    hope it doesnt become a habit.

    nothing else much to report… other than pretty bad lower back pain esp at night as i lie down…

  26. DAY 63 (9 weeks)

    here are my pics from today. I think the pics look a little worse than I do… when i look in the mirror i look ok (to me!) and then i took these pics and was a little dissappointed… i thought it looked better.
    But its still ok 🙂

    So… i’m glad i’m seeing an improvement. 😀
    i dont feel any different… all side effects are the same.
    I havent gotten any new pimples in a while… it seems to be just the redness and healing going on now. I am trying SO SO SO HARD not to scratch and pick… and like everyone ALWAYS says… "your skin will be so much better if you stop pickin…" well… you know, it really does help! haha, who would have thought! 😛

    anyway, feeling a bit better about my skin now 🙂

  27. hmmm, after about 5 to 7 days of not getting a new pimple or anything, i seem to be having a mini breakout… i have about 4 small new ones since yesterday afternoon… 🙁 🙁 🙁
    i’m not happy now 🙁
    hope they dissapear soon and don’t come back!

  28. 9 weeks

    hmmm, i dont know so much about this stuff.

    Its been just over 2 months… and i think my skin is pretty much where it was before i started medication. And i’m having bad skin days and ok skin days (just like i did before i was on this stuff).

    My skin wasnt THAT bad before i began treatment… and now, i look the same as i did 5 months ago, but i have mountains of awful side effects (pain, dry lips/eyes/hair/skin)…

    i’m starting to wonder if its all worth it… i certainly dont look better than i did 4 or 5 months ago.

  29. this whole week my skin has gotten worse.

    i have this wonderfully large lump on the lft of my face, on my cheekbone… it is yellow and hurts like all HELL! damn, nasty!
    and the right side of my face is shot to crap as well.

    Im very despondant coz i have stopped picking and scratching my face (which was really hard to do! … those who are addicted to scratching their faces will understand) … so i stopped scratching, and i expected my face to get a lot better coz of that, but its getting worse.

    Damn im frustrated! i need this to work and work properly… not one day ok, next day bad!

    im eating more fruit than i ever have, im drinking loads of water, im washing my hands constantly, putting on moisturiser, using all the creams i’ve been prescribed… im doing all the right things, and not seeing the results i was expecting to see after 2 and a half months!

    so, in gereral, im not too happy about things…

  30. I too have a problem with scratching my spots… im always like one more… one more… i never learn. lumpy ones are the worst, thought i dont get many of these…. i know this is random but i read somewhere that Ice does a good job and well i always give it a shot when i suffer from them…. get some ice and contain in tissue and jus gentley hold the ice against the area for 5 mins or so.

  31. Hi Geckogirl!

    DOnt be discouraged!! I was like that just a few weeks ago, got better, got worse, and got better. Eventually it will clear up mostly likely.

  32. im not too sure… i look pretty much like i did in my initial 2 weeks… ie really REALLY bad! im starting to think im one of the few people this doesnt work for.
    My derm said i would only be on this stuff for 4 months. Its been 2 and a half and i look like crap

  33. WEEK 11 … day 77

    i am not very happy… my skin isnt getting better at all. Its getting worse. it is red and dry and im getting new pimple every day or so.

    My course was initially only meant to be 4 months (ie 16 weeks) and im on week 11 and look awful… so i am SURE my derm is going to tell me i have to carry on with this stuff. I really do NOT want to! my face looked better 6 months ago when i wasnt on any medication.

    Im really upset and frustrated. I know its a slow process, but 11 weeks! come on!!!
    i really expected to look ok by now… not great… but ok.

    I think i am going to try a homeopath or a dietician or something else, after i see my derm late next month, coz i can’t see myself doing this for another 4 months or whatever, as i have seen positive results on myself for about 3 to 5 random days over the past 11 weeks. But whether those "good days" were due to the medication or just good days… i dont know.

    here are my awful pics from today.

  34. Hi Geckogirl:

    I am sorry to hear that you have gotten worse. I dont know about your particular case, but for me, i have been having acne for +13 years, my skin has never cleared. Right now i am doing so much better after about 11-12 weeks of being on accutAne, although i still have small pimples here and there, but i am definately getting better by day- prior to getting better, i was doing pretty bad…and i have always wondered if i am the few percentage of people who accutane would not work for.

    You can talk to your doctor about changing your plan and see what he/she says, but i’d say you should give it a few more weeks…at least a full 16 weeks before you give it up:) I was doing so so bad….really, but then the clearing action started a week or two ago, and it just kept on getting better and better.

    Cheer up!!

  35. i will definately finish my 4 month course… but i am not seeing an improvemrnt at the moment (or in the past 11 weeks) so… if i still look and feel this way when i go see my derm, i am not going on a second course.

    In the beginning i told her that i am not happy about going on roaccutane as i have heard of really bad side effects (like moodiness) and she told me that they are not true and roaccutane is the only thing that will help me.

    She is not particulartly interested in my concerns… so, if i have no luck in about a month after seeing her, i am going to look for an alternative.

    The thing is,,, my skin wasn’t THAT horrible to begin with, so, it shouldnt have taken so long to clear up.

    I will keep trying and eating healthy etc etc and i’ll keep posting and putting up pics…

    just hope i fix my situation SOMEHOW!

  36. i am beginning to detest this stuff more and more… this medication has done pretty much nothing for me in 2 and a half months… i was initially told 4 months,,, tops.
    im really fed up.
    I have about 5 more weeks left and then i gotta find something else.

  37. HI Geckogirl:

    Hey gal dont be so diasppointed just yet!! You know, accutane works differently for everyone. You might well be one of those people who clear up in the last stage (i mean the last several weeks or even after you have stopped the pill). I did read it somewhere that that is what happaned to some people!! Dont be so sad. You know me, I was doing pretty horriable during week 10 or so, and then within one week, i was healing so fast…it happened all of a sudden, just like that!! Since you decided to give it a try(although its mostly your derm) why dont we try to stay open minded about it…you have 4-5 weeks left, that’s still a long way to go. Cheer up gal…you are doing just fine, we are not finished yet, so dont jump into any conclusion 😀

  38. i know… its just really frustrating… ive been at the same stage of this thing for like a month now… havent got better, havent got worse.
    but i am tired of all the horrible side effects from this stuff, and its not looking better.
    i will definately finish my course… but i will not get more if i dont see any results by the end of this month (which is when 4 months is past and i see my derm)
    will keep posting.
    Thanks for the words of support! appreciated!! 😀

  39. Ok, time for an update…

    im on day 86 WEEK 12… 3 MONTHS (of 4 months)

    I still look like crap and feel really despondant. My skin is still red and spotty and bla bla bla… i could go on, but won’t bore you guys.

    I have noticed something wierd tho… When i started this stuff, my worst side effect (other than dry flaky skin) was the dry lips, i really REALLy battled with that, but now, 3 months later, the lips arent so much of a problem as my eyes. They are red and dry and bloodshot. They feel really bad – i put in drops 3 to 5 times a day!! that can’t be good… i’m actually a little worried about them.

    Also, my lower back pain has gotten A LOT worse!! the other day i coughed and i got such pain i thought i was gonna collapse. i am now too scared to sneeze or cough! haha, i am only 24, but i literally feel about 96 (on a good day!)

    I really wanted this stuff to work, i was getting excited after the initial horriffic breakout subsided… but i’ve been stuck at this point for 2 months – NO changes. So, i dunno.
    I will definately finish my couse (i have about 70 – 80 tablets left) but i am NOT carrying on after that. If anyone has any suggestions of what to try or who to see (dietician, homeopath etc etc) please give me a shout! i could use the advice 🙂

    will hopefully upload my pics for today soon… once photobuckets website decides to open… they are really useless!

  40. Hey gal:

    I think your condition looks better than the ones you posted last time. I think its slowly working 🙂 My face is much more red than yours, i just put lots of foundation to cover it up.

    Its not so bad! You know i had acne problems for years and nothing works like this. Give it some more time 😀

  41. i will definately finish my course (im done in 35 days or so… im counting my pills!!)
    but im not getting a longer prescription.

    See how it goes 🙂

  42. Ok…
    DAY 98 Week 14 (of the originally prescribed 16 week course)


    So… i am meant to be almost finished my course… I have actually counted the pills i have left, and i am due to finish on the 13th March (which is exactly 3 weeks and 1 day from today… cant wait!! 😀 )

    What can i say… I am definately NOT HAPPY with the results. I know that i do not look as bad as a lot of people…. BUT what you have to understand is that, to begin with, my skin wasnt that awful… so… the way i look today, is pretty much EXACTLY how i looked 6 months ago, or even 8 months ago… long before i had even THOUGHT of taking this medication.

    I am really very frustrated and dissappointed. Dont get me wrong… i have not packed my bags and completely given up… i still have 3 weeks (and 1 day) left of this stuff… who knows what will happen… but i am NOT (!!!!!) going to get more of this stuff if i STILL see no change when i go see my derm next wednesday. There are other products out there, and stuff. I know that this medication is meant to be this amazing magical cure… but it doesnt seem to agree with me at all. I STILL get new pimples every couple of days… they are STILL red and inflamed… and they STILL take ages to heal and go away (only to make room for new ones)

    anyway… life goes on.

    Keep u posted.

  43. I am sick to my stomach of this stuff. I can’t remember life before it… i cant remember the last time i felt good about things or the last time i smiled, just coz i was feeling happy.
    My skin is STILL worse than its ever been (in my life)
    i am constantly tired
    My back hurts like i’ve been lifting weights all day.
    eyes are bloodshot and dry and my nose is dry and bleeds when i blow it.
    How is this good???

    I have cancelled my "final" appointment with my derm (for lots of various reasons) and i am going to see a homeopath tomorrow morning … first thing. Whether this is the right thing, or will benefit me, i don’t know. But i DO know that roaccutane is NOT for me… unless i want to be this miserable for the rest of my life… which i don’t. I can’t do all these side effects anymore.
    TO everyone who feels its worth it, you guys are stronger than me. THis stuff is not for me.

  44. DAY 102 – 3 and a half months

    ok… i made up my mind to stop this stuff, like i said.

    so basically this is my last post in the "accutane journal"…

    I saw a homeopath yesterday (it was a MUCH more pleasant experience than the derm!)… ummm, i spent 3 hours with her, talking about various things, and she has given me a bunch of stuff to take (i am SO sick of taking pills!!) at least this stuff is natural, and not dangerous, and doesnt come with any awful side effects.

    She basically told me (after the 3 hour discussion) the cause of my skin problem is most likely stress and not enough green vegatables in my diet. (i do eat veggies… just not a lot).

    so… i am going to improve my diet. and as far as the stress thing goes… i have a load of natural stress relieving pills (6 to 8 a day) and i am going to actively do something to decrease the thing in my life that is causing me the most stress (ie: my job … i have been unhappy here for a while now… and it’s time to take the plunge and do something pro active about it!)

    so… like i said, this is my last post here… and basically to sum up i would say that going to the derm was one of the worst decisions i have made. She was never really concerned for me and what the cause of my problem was. I mean… roaccutane is meant to DRY UP OIL isnt it? yes? well… the problem is, is that my face has never been particularly oily, so OBVIOUSLY there was something else causing my skin problem… but anyway. So, my whole roaccutane journey was VERY unpleasant and unsuccessful. Its pretty desponding to give 4 months to something, believing it will be for the best… only to be left worse off than when you began.

    I am not saying the drug doesnt work, because that would be crazy of me… of course it works… IF it is prescribed under the correct circumstances – which it obviously wasnt for me.

    I will let you know how things go tho…

    good luck to all of you guys still fighting the accutane battle!!

  45. i am so sorry gecko that accutane did not worked for you. And I’m quite surprise at the force that medication works. But you did what you could so that’s okay. Now it’s time to move to something else. You might actually want to look into an endocrinologist and see if something like spironolactone works for you. Keep up the fight!

  46. i know i shouldnt post here anymore, coz im not on roaccutane anymore… but i thought a follow up might be good…

    like i said i saw a homeopath, and after that i decided not to finish my course of roaccutane… i mean, i think i gave it a fair chance (over 3 months).

    So, i chucked the roaccutane 11 days ago… and this is how im feeling:
    skin has gotten moisture back… Feels GREAT!! i can smile and open my mouth to eat, without cracking my lips.
    My energy levels are very slowly coming back.
    my face is no longer red and inflamed. im SO happy coz the back pain is not so bad anymore… getting better each day.
    Skin on my body is still dry… but not so bad that i MUST put cream on the second im out the bath.
    Eyes still a little dry…
    it just shows how bad that stuff is for one… that it still affects the body 11 days later… but soon i will be FINE!

    My skin looks and feels so much better than it has in ages… i wore makeup for the first time in ages! on friday, and it felt fine and i think i looked pretty damn good! 😀

    now, i am taking LOADS of homeopathic medicine (only for a week so far)… so im not sure what i can attribute this to … but the whole left side of my face is clear… the right side has one small dry spot that should be gone in 2 or 3 days… my face is soft and smooth.

    Stopping the medication was THE BEST thing i have done!!

    i am FINALLY getting the results i expected with roaccutane.

    any way…

    here are the pics… i took them today (11 days without roaccutane and on homeopathic meds for a week)

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