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I deleted the post about Sonia make-up from Target. Basically, I tried the Sonia mascara and ended up returning it and got Gabriel natural cosmetics mascara from Whole Foods instead. My eyes did feel a lot better last night so maybe it has been the mascaras I was using that was causing the problem. The Gabriel mascara doesn’t contain coal tar ingredients. I also bought the Gabriel dual foundation compact make-up, the blush, and some lipstick. The foundation does contain "octyl palmitate", which is a grade 4 on the list, but I talked to Gabriel himself and he said that all the ingredients are from organic sources and that the makeup is even used in dermatologists’ offices and has not caused any problems. Also, "octyl palmitate" was not on the original list developed by Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr. that the Zerozits list is based on. (They added other ingredients to his original list, e.g. algae.) I like all the Gabriel make-up a lot. The lipstick is very moisturizing and goes on really nicely. Whole Foods allows returns on anything, so if I do start to break out, I can return it at any time. I will only buy cosmetics from a store that allows returns because I have sensitive, acne-prone, and reactive skin.

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  1. So far my skin has actually cleared up since I’ve been using the Gabriel dual powder foundation and blush. I really love all of his make-up that I tried. I’m going to get the concealor also. His old concealors contain parabens preservatives but the new ones don’t. Make sure to check the ingredients lists on his products because the newer ones are more natural and pure. I’m very happy with all of the Gabriel make-up that I got. It’s really too soon to tell for sure, though, that the make-up won’t break me out. I will post back here periodically to update you as to whether my skin has remained clear.

    He also sent me a beautiful little sample package (it contained like 8 products) in a beautiful little bag. He sent me the face products for oily/acne skin but I’m a little nervous to try them because they contain coconut, nut and other oils. I should probably just try the makeup first for a few months with the MyChelle products and then if my skin remains clear I could try his skin care line later. If I try them all now and break out, I won’t know what’s causing it.

  2. I actually feel that the Gabriel make-up clears my skin. I went for a few days without using the make-up and my skin broke out. It cleared up again when I started to use it again. I love all of his make-up that I bought: mascara, lipstick, concealor (just use under my eyes though), dual foundation powder, blush and contour. I’m afraid to switch to his skin care though because the Mychelle Dermaceuticals is working well for me. I tried the oily/acne skin care samples he sent me for one day and night and the couple of pimples I had actually did shrink down overnight. It could have been coincidental though. I am still using the Gloria Martel SkinLift Light which I feel helps also. It’s always scary to try a new skin care product and I have a lot of the MyChelle left also. I have to say when I put his gel moisturizer on though that I felt like "Ahhhhhh", like it was really soothing to my skin. I may eventually try his products, I don’t know. The MyChelle stuff is so darned expensive, even with the online discount.

  3. My skin has been feeling kind of dry so I decided to try Zuzu Luxe oil-free liquid make-up. (See ). It’s made by the same company that makes Gabriel cosmetics. I only wore it once so far, but I like it and I haven’t broken out. I will report back as to whether my skin stays clear with it over a period of time. I’ve done very well with the Gabriel make-up that I’ve been using and I even think that it helps to keep my skin clear. I used the Zuzu liquid foundation all over my face and then I used the Gabriel dual powder foundation over it as a spot cover. I have the Gabriel concealor also, but I just use it under my eyes to conceal dark circles. I’m still using the Gabriel blush, contour powder and mascara also. They list all the ingredients at the website also. My skin has been staying quite clear for quite a while now.

  4. The Zuzu Luxe dual powder foundation has the exact same ingredients list as the Gabriel one, but the colors are different I think. The Zuzu mascara has the same ingredients list as the Gabriel mascara also. I haven’t been able to find the Gabriel make-up anymore but Whole Foods carries the Zuzu Luxe cosmetics.

  5. My skin has just been like sandpaper for months. I think it’s from the MyChelle Clear Skin Serum. I’m trying using the serum just on the spots only instead of all over my face and I’m cutting down to using the MyChelle vitamin C serum just at night instead of twice a day as they recommend. I don’t think the vit. C serum dries my skin because they recommend it on the dry skin regimen, but it may be a little irritating. The vit. C serum is not in the regimen for extra-sensitive skin. I also bought Gabriel’s liquid foundation for dry skin. It contains some oils but they told me that it was okay for acne-prone skin. I hope I don’t end up breaking out with making these changes. I feel that any kind of powder foundation just dries my skin out more.

  6. Hi, Lenore…

    Just my 2 cents here…Vitamin C can be irritating.

    Also, as much as I love MyChelle products, I cannot recommend the Vitamin C…When I purchased it, I was leary of the white bottle and it seemed like it was starting to oxidize…I called their customer service and they told me it was orange due to other ingredients…Within a week or so, I had dark orange product…Many experts believe oxidized Vitamin C has no benefit and can actually harm your skin, so I tossed it…

    This may not meet your product requirements, but an awesome Vitamin C product:


  7. Thanks Dana. That Pure Skin Vit. C serum does have good ingredients, although I’m not sure about "phenoxethanol". I think that’s one of the safe preservatives. Why do you object to the white bottle for the Perfect C Serum? I would think that since it’s opaque it would block out light totally and keep the serum cooler. I haven’t ever experienced the Perfect C serum turning darker on me in all the years I’ve been using it. Did you remember to twist the spigot closed (clockwise) each time after using the pump? I know that they sell it in such a small bottle because it is perishable, so I am concerned that it could go rancid since I’m using it less than their recommended 2X a day. I’m going to try using it just at night, every other day and only use the Clear Skin Serum as a spot treatment. I’ve been using the Clear Skin Serum just on spots (not all over my face) for a week now and my skin is almost all clear now again. It doesn’t feel like sandpaper anymore either, thank God. I’m feeling so much more comfortable in my skin now. The Vit. C serum is kind of irritating, but I do feel that it helps the acne and it doesn’t cause dryness/roughness like the acne serum does.

    I’m going to return the liquid Gabriel foundation for dry skin (I broke out) and go back to using his dual powder foundation. It contains octyl palmitate which I think is a no-no on the Zero Zits list, but I swear that makeup actually clears my skin up. Octyl palmitate wasn’t on the original list that Dr. Fulton created and I tend to trust his list more. Zerozits added some ingredients to his list that I haven’t found to be problematic, e.g., algae. There are different algaes though, so it may depend on which variety of algae is in the product. There is only one of the MyChelle products that I felt broke me out, which is the Serious Hyaluronic Firming Serum. A lot of the other MyChelle products contain algae and don’t break me out but the Firming Serum contains a different variety, and maybe that’s the problem. I tried using it on several different occasions and broke out every time. I used up the remainder of the firming serum on my neck only. I’m being more consistent with using the Gloria Martel SkinLift light also which may be helping.

  8. I decided to try the ZuzuLuxe oil-free liquid foundation again. I’ve been using it for about 4-5 days and my skin is very clear, so that one doesn’t seem to be a problem either. I got the Zuzu dual foundation also to use over it, mostly as a spot cover, or just to alternate them. The pump doesn’t work on the liquid foundation though so I am going to exchange it for another one.

    In summary:

    The Gabriel dual foundation actually seems to clear my skin up. I used up an entire compact of it, and my skin is actually more clear when I use it daily then when I don’t wear foundation. This is a definite Yes for me. The Zuzu Luxe dual foundation has the exact same ingredients list as the Gabriel one, although the colors are different and the compact case is different. I like the original Gabriel compact case. It opens easier and it has holes in the bottom to air out the sponge.

    The Gabriel liquid foundation for dry skin may contain too many oils for acne prone skin, although they say it’s non-comedogenic anyway. I started to break out when I used it for a couple of days, so I returned it.

    The mascara, blush and lipsticks are all good and the blush doesn’t break me out at all. Good stuff.

  9. i know this was a while ago, but thanks so much for your detailed review…i just bought the dual powder foundation and blush, and i was a littel nervous after reading that zinc can irritate acne. but you confirmed my suspicion that my skin has actually gotten clearer since using this makeup. i want to try the whole skin line, but im a little concerned that there’s no acne line, only an oily skin line. my skin dries out easily so im not completely sure, but id still like to try it…

  10. You’re very welcome. I appreciate your thanking me.

    Although I found the Gabriel make-up to be acne-safe and help clear my skin, I also think that the powder is pretty drying for me. I’ve been using another brand of powder make-up made by . I mix it daily with her foundation cream for oily skin. It hasn’t broken me out at all and I don’t think it dries my skin out either especially when mixed with the cream (it’s more like a lotion actually). I’ve been using her Clarity line for acne-prone skin also and my skin has stayed very clear. I tried a sample of a natural day cream (Jurlique’s) that I got from a health food store, and it felt great on my skin but then I had some clogged pores and bumps the next day. I’m going to stick with the Evan’s Garden products as they’re working really well for me. Evan’s As Young As I Feel serum actually helped keep my skin clear also. It’s got emu oil in it. I wish it weren’t from an animal, but I think I’m going to order it again because it really does do great things for the skin. My skin was so badly damaged by the Jessner chemical peel that it feels dry and stiff a lot of the time. I wish to God I’d never had that damned peel done. I’m hoping the AYAIF serum will help repair it so that it will feel more like normal skin again.

  11. hmm. well the gabriel powder hasnt dried my skin out yet, but i am still in search of a miracle facewash and the clarity line looks really nice. you seem to have tried a lot of different options, and if this worked for you i think it’s worth a shot. did you order the intro kit? it seems like a good deal, but sometimes i hestate with those things because of course its a better value to buy the whole-size kit. same with the foundation, which is why i usuallly hesitate to buy foundation online, since you have to order samples first to get the color right. but the clarity line sounds really nice. any advise using it? did you use the whole kit or just specific products?

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