“Organic Complexion” skin care

For those who really like organic natural skin care products, I stumbled on Daniel Pry’s Organic Complexion skin care products online: www.organiccomplexion.com . It’s sold at HSN also. He had both teen and adult acne himself. He uses natural oils for oily/acneic skin like Dr. Hauschka does. Personally, I broke out on Dr. H.’s products, but they may contain different oils. Dr. H.’s products had a lot of nut oils in them, which I’m leery of. I’m currently using Nutra Lift’s skin care products and my skin has been staying pretty darned clear on them so far. They’re mostly natural but do contain a few chemicals I’m not happy about.

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One thought on ““Organic Complexion” skin care

  1. I started breaking out on the NutraLift so I went back to using MyChelle’s Dermaceuticals. My skin has been staying virtually clear (one small zit on my cheek that doesn’t want to go away, but clear otherwise). MyChelle’s is still the best skin care line for acne that I’ve ever used, but I do use a lot of their products (serums, masks, scrub, toner, etc.).

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