Hey Yihh, I understand what you are goinh through

I started accutane 10 days ago and so far this is what i am experiencing:
My lips are so dry that i need to applly blistex not aquaphor which does nothing for at least 30 times a day.

I was at the gym today, and went to the bathroom to find that i was bleeding in my urine. I came back from the hospital and the Physician Ass’t said it is called Dysfunctional Urinary Bleeding. MY period is not due until September 10, 2006 this is scary.

My eyes felt dry constantly, grainy in the back and tired so i went to the Opthamalogist yesterday but said I am fine, I wear glasses so I take no chances.
I stay off dairy and my face 10 days later has not changed at all just dryer and more cyst.
I drink about 15 glasses of water a day really i do.
i stay out of the sun as much as possible
I wash with purpose or cetaphil cleanser but a friend said Phisoderm with a sponge cleared her up.
On monday I am seeking a second opinion from a dermatologist if he says that i shouldn’t take it bcz of the bleedin in the urine or the dry eyes I will quit.
Good luck to you …and everyones input has helped

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One thought on “Hey Yihh, I understand what you are goinh through

  1. Hey Khalindra,

    thank you for the post. I haven’t had the urinary problem outside of my period lasting for 7 days which was unusual. But I started acc while I was on my perod so that might explain things.

    How much are you taking per day?

    I know it’ll work but right now it’s frustrating me…….I have to live with this sh&# on my face and it’s not cool.

    get back at me and let me know the verdict.


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