Dr. Brenda Watson’s “Essential Cleansing Program”

I watched Dr. Brenda Watson, a naturopathic doctor, speaking on a special program on KOCE last night. She mostly talked about digestive health. (See www.brendawatson.com ). She was a very good speaker/teacher and I found the show very interesting. She talked about how one can accomplish detoxification without having to fast or go through a bad, very uncomfortable cleansing experience. She’s authored several books, one of which is called Essential Cleansing For Perfect Health (see http://www.brendawatson.com/Books/Essential-Cleansing/ ). It’s out of stock right now at Amazon.com though. I definitely want to do detoxification and internal cleansing but I’m not sure yet which approach to take. I want to avoid enemas and colonics though because I’ve read that there are medical risks to doing them.

I saw a guy on TV advertising something called the "All Mighty Cleanse". He talked about parasites, and it was really disturbing to hear about. Some of these parasites can literally suck your blood from the inside. I have chronic fatigue and have oftentimes said I felt like someone drained half of my blood out of me. I wonder if I could have parasites. A friend of mine had bad chronic fatigue for over 15 years and went on an intense cleansing retreat (physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing, with daily colonics). A really long worm came out of him. He felt that he was cured by the cleanse. I had worms when I was a little kid (like 3 years old) and had to go to the hospital. That is actually my very first life memory and it was really traumatic. It was the first time I was separated from my parents overnight, and I remember the treatments also (I believe they did an upper G.I.). The doctors and nurses were nice but it was still a very traumatic experience for me. I find the whole idea of having bugs living inside of one’s body really hard to deal with. Ugh, yucch, blecch, ewww… Still, I’ve got to be an adult and accept that it’s a possibility and do something about it. I’ve had stool tests before though that came up negative for parasites.

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