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Want2glow, have you – or anyone else – started your Nordic Naturals detox? I just picked up a bottle yesterday, and am trying to screw up the nerve to start taking it. I hope I can do this detox slowly and gently, as we have a lot of things going on right now (which is usual, no point waiting for a slow down) and REALLY don’t want to have to put up with too many physical effects, like headaches and feeling bad. :scratch

Just wanted to see if anyone else was on it right now and how it was going.


BTW, Maya the olive oil is fabulous, thanks and Denise thanks for mentioning to massage it in, not just rub it on (like I did the first time!). :roll

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12 thoughts on “Nordic Naturals Detox

  1. Hi HF,
    I’m so excited! Someone actually mentioned me LOL, sorry I’m new to these acne boards, LOL
    Yes, I’m on day 6 of it, and the only thing that I have noticed so far(not to sound gross here) is that I am experiencing looser bowels, but then again, that could be the B5 too. I am going to continue on w/ the Nordic Naturals Detox til I have finished the bottle, then I am going to start the fish oil regimen. I have heard that you should detox before starting on fish oils. I am just taking the recommended 3 capsules per day too, w/ meals, so I’m really not even sure if I am taking enough, Maya? Nomad?
    But, I guess I’m kinda conservative that way.
    Well, best of luck to you 😀

  2. Alot of ppl have mentioned that you should also take a good multivitamin along with the detox as well, forgot to add that

  3. Oh donna good, keep us posted on how that goes. In the Diet Info section there is info on how to detox for those interested in it. Dont forget guys to always check on the product ratings and acne treatments for new info. Im working hard to pack on the databases

    Mari 😀

  4. Will do Mari,
    oh, and I have already checked it out, and printed it out, LOL
    I have learned so much from this site already.
    And I just want to say thanks to you, Maya, Nomad, and whoever else it takes to keep this board going, b/c you all do an excellent job.
    And I mean that.
    And if I left anyone out, I am so sorry, b/c I am still sorta a newbie, and don’t really know a whole lotta ppl yet :mrgreen

  5. Thanks, Donna!
    We’ve been away at a soccer tournament…
    I still haven’t started mine yet. I’m glad to know that you haven’t had any adverse affects.
    Still feeling a little chicken, though! :puppydogeyes But I want to begin taking the fish oil, and I didn’t know that you should detox first, maybe that will push me.
    I don’t suppose you notice feeling any better? I only got the NN because I just happened to see it sitting on a shelf at the health food store. I was in there to buy the NAC, but I saw that and thought it looked easier. :roll
    And yes, please keep posting your experience with NN.

  6. I honestly do not know the reasoning behind detoxing first, before starting the fish oil, but just heard it on these boards somewhere.
    OK, one thing I have noted with this detox thing, and again, not to sound really disgusting, but I do believe it is “cleaning me out”. LOL B/c when I had a BM, I noticed like little floatie thingies, so I do feel like it is in a sense cleansing my system, which I think from the research I’ve done on the net is a good thing, getting rid of toxins. So, I am glad I am doing it now.
    I am feeling a surge in energy, but its not only the detox. I am taking oral MSM,B5(but only 3 grams per day) and a multi, along with my morning pilates tape, and 2 nights of yoga classes, so I think its a combination of it all.
    Anyway, will keep you informed of this whole detox thing

  7. Well, when I finally start taking it I’ll post my experience, too. I’m going to do the detox ONLY, and wait until after to start anything else. I’ve been taking fabulous vits for over a year, been changing my diet to a much healthier one for about two, starting drinking lots of water a month ago and have been exercising regularly for about 6 mths. (if you want to feel better – exercise!) So, if the detox does anything, I’ll know that was it!

    I noticed like little floatie thingies

    I think I remember reading someone (not sure if it was this board) say that they got rid of a one-inch THANG with antennas? Wow! THAT’s a detox! :crazyeyes

  8. Good idea HF.
    And yes, exercising has been one thing that I had quit doing after having kids, but back in the fall I started up again, and feel so much better, just walking is wonderful, and now adding yoga, and pilates is just such an improvement.
    And ewww on the antenna thingies, that’s just downright scary!
    Take care,

  9. You know this is something i question myself, if after having babies I will go to do excersive. i mean I guess a kid is a demanding task besides along with going to work and cooking to your hubby. Would it be time for exersice?

  10. Yes, having babies is very time consuming. Especially if you have them close, like I did – 19 months apart. Those first years were rough! I only exercise now because they are 13 and 11, and I still don’t go to a gym, I do it at home. I’m hoping I can do that in the future. I have a dream of hubby and I being able to exercise together at a gym. BUT, I didn’t exercise before I got pregnant, so if you already have the habit of exercising it may be much easier for you. AND of course if I had to pick exercising or babies, BABIES win hands down!! There are seasons to life, and I think you should enjoy the season you’re in.
    You sound like you really want a family, Mari, so I bet you will REALLY enjoy having one, whether you get to exercise or not! My kids are fabulous – don’t know what life would be like without them.

  11. Well, first off, chasing after little ones is exercise w/in itself! LOL
    But really, once mine were out of that toddler stage,sleeping through the night and not quite as demanding, I started making myself get back to working out. You just have to. Like, my exercise regimen now is, I get up at 5 am, and work out for an hour, every weekday morning. You just have to make time for yourself, b/c honestley, if you are not taking care of yourself properly, you won’t be able to take proper care of your babies. And even when you have them as babies, believe me, you can still “power walk” w/ them in the stroller, that always helped me when they were babies, that and I also taught a mom and tot class, where you exercise w/ your baby, so there are many ways to take advantage of working out w/ babies, you just kinda have to get creative 🙂

    You know this is something i question myself, if after having babies I will go to do excersive. i mean I guess a kid is a demanding task besides along with going to work and cooking to your hubby. Would it be time for exersice?

  12. This is a fabulous product and works extremely well without changing your life in any way.

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