My Complexion is Finally Glowing.

I had acne that I could not get rid of. It was frustrating because I really thought that I was eating healthy, and that my system was clean. I had small bumps that were imbedded deep in my skin. Regardless of what cleanser or moisturizer I used, they didn’t go away. I found the absolute best solution. I now use the alkaline diet. It’s incredible. There’s a list of natural foods and drinks that cause the body to be balanced, and it shows on the outside. You’re basically cleaning your skin from the inside out. My complexion is glowing, and I just use olive oil soap to wash my face. I don’t even use moisturizer, since the soap has oil in it. 😀 I learned about the alkaline diet at this website.

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  1. I agree that an alkaline diet can help a lot of conditions. There are an awful lot of ads at that website though.

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