flax seeds vs. flax seed oil

Dr. Andrew Weil recommends grinding up flax seeds at home in a grinder, enough for one week at a time and then eating the flax seed meal daily on salads and cereal. ( www.drweil.com ) I used to put the meal into a smoothie. My N.D. advised me however that I shouldn’t put ground flax seeds into my smoothie since he also has me putting supplement powders in them, and he said the flax meal would bind with the nutrients and flush them out of my system before they could be effective. He also insists that I need to take an EFA oil, because there wouldn’t be enough of it to be therapeutic in just the meal. I’ve been taking Childlife’s Essential Fatty Acids for children because I like the butterscotch flavor in the smoothie: see http://www.herbalremedies.com/esfatac8floz.html . It contains:

Ingredients: Unrefined organic oils of flax, olive and pumpkin, organic flax seed particulate, and natural butterscotch flavoring.

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