How on earth can you know if a lesion will scar?

I’ve been trying to answer this question for a long time now. I would consider myself to have mild-to-moderate acne. I get big zits on my face occasionally, but I don’t know if I would call them cysts. It’s a big zit, and it has pus in it, but waht’s the difference between a cyst and a pustule? I can’t imagine that I’m the only person that gets a big zit now and again, will this scar? It’s big, and it’s full of pus, but I am resisting all urges to squeeze it. I hate it because I won’t know if it will scar until it has healed. What can I do? I’m super frustrated about this, my skin only gets zits like this once and a while, not all the time. Many sources say that nodulocystic or severe acne is the most likely kind of acne to cause scarring. I wouldn’t call my acne severe, but this one pimple is pretty big. What advice do you have for me? I’m freaking out, I can’t stand the suspense of wondering if my skin will be able to bounce back after this lesion has disappeared. It’s basically one of those embarrassing “zits” that “normal” people are supposed to get sometimes, so why do I feel like it’s going to scar no matter what I do? I don’t have overly scar-prone skin, but I do get enough pimple to consider it a possibility. I’m just nervous because i get a pimple like this about once a month, mostly they heal okay, and other times I get so worried. Is it the summer weather? I have gotten like 4 or 5 major zits on my face in the past 2 or 3 months when I usually have none. I rarely have a full on break out, I just get these big ones more often than I usually do and I really want to know if there is a chance THAT my skin won’t scar from this. THANKS!!

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  1. Here’s a website with definitions of different types of acne lesions and matching photos:

    You should be proud of yourself for resisting the urge to squeeze. I knew a woman who used to get large cysts but didn’t squeeze them and now her skin is clear and she is not scarred. It is possible to scar without squeezing, but squeezing raises the risk of scarring. You mentioned that you get a large pimple about once a month. Are you a female? Do you break out around the time of your period? Non-prescription progesterone cream helps some women reduce monthly breakouts. A good multi-vitamin designed for acne, like Naturally Clear vitamins ( ) can help lessen inflammation and reduce break outs. Iodine in supplements can aggravate acne though.

    I use the Gloria Martel SkinLift Light which I feel helps prevent pimples from getting big and infected if I use the light on them right away, when they’re small. It also seems to be preventive of breaking out in the first place. Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr. suggests using ice on pimples to reduce inflammation. It is important to try and keep pimples from getting large and infected because that is when the risk of scarring goes up. Also, try not to overly fret and angst about the possibility of scarring. Staying calm, relaxed and optimistic will actually help to keep your hormones more balanced (stress can aggravate acne). Do some deep, even, slower breathing for a few minutes and picture your skin perfectly healed without any scarring, and continue to keep up the good work on not picking and squeezing. You’re doing fine.

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