My Natural Regimen Tell me what you think

I’ve done some research and I think I finally figured out what you need to get clear skin here it is:

Vitamin C – 2 grams a day
Tea Tree Oil Soap – Wash twice a day
Aloe Vera Gel 100% – put on 5 minutes after washing face
Vitamin B Complex – If stress is a big factor in your life, taken once a day with a big meal
Concentrated Green: such as GNC Maximum Greens Complete, Very Green at trader joes; make sure it has milk thistle very important to clear up acne
milk thistle – If the taste of the concentrated greens are Unbearable

This regimen has to be taken at least a month to see good results.

tell me what you think of the regimen

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One thought on “My Natural Regimen Tell me what you think

  1. I say this plan would be good if you don’t have sensitive skin, specially if you are not allergic to plant extracts (for which unfortunatetly I am)

    Vitamin c really never did anything for my skin and vitamin b complex is good for stress management as stress can be a cause of breakouts for many people.

    i have tried milk thisthle and saw no skin improvements but i do remember one time one guy posted that he got cured acne with liver supplements like dandelion root.

    Overall sounds like a good natural plan and I say keep on it as long as you see results. Keep us posted.

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