Suncoat Makeup and nail polish

I am allergic to regular nail polish and remover. I tried a water-based brand called Acquarella but it was coming off in the shower. I decided try another brand of water-based nail polish, Suncoat, but I’m having the same problem. The lady at the company said that no one else there was having that problem so maybe I didn’t let it dry enough between coats. I’m also going to purchase the clear top/base coat (can use as either a top or base coat or alone) and see if that helps. It seems to mostly come off when I’m shampooing my hair. I have long thick hair and so my fingernails are getting exposed to the shampoo and conditioner quite a while. It takes quite a bit of work to get the polish off with their remover though. After portions of it came off in the shower, I had to remove what was left and it took like 10-15 minutes to do so. You have to put the remover on the nails and let it soak in for a few minutes. Even then though it takes a lot of rubbing. The good thing though is that the remover doesn’t dry out the nails or make them brittle or anything. It actually seems to make the nails stronger, if anything.

I tried their mascara also in brown but didn’t care for it. It’s got a kind of sticky consistency (like honey or syrup or something), the lashes clump together and it also flakes. I got a refund on it. My favorite brand of mascara is Brenda Christian mascara which comes in a dual wand with a conditioning primer, but it’s not a natural product. As far as natural mascaras, I think that Lavera is my favorite brand of natural mascara. The B.C. mascara doesn’t smear, clump, flake or anything though. It really performs excellently. It’s expensive though, like $20, for the dual wand.

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