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I saw this product advertised in a health food store magazine and I’m thinking about trying it. It’s supposed to be an all-in-one cream that “moisturizes, exfoliates, nourishes, firms and revitalizes with SPF 15”. It’s described at . There’s also a testimonial about it clearing up acne. They also sell a separate acne product there but it contains silver which I’m leery of (tin-man syndrome — argyria).

MyChelle Dermaceuticals line is very good but it’s so expensive and it’s a multi-step multi-layer program. I’ve got like 10 or more bottles and jars and several masks on my counter, and it’s getting pretty ridiculous. The MyChelle “Perfect C” serum is really expensive — $38.95 for a little bottle that lasts maybe 4-6 weeks when used twice a day. It does help keep my skin clear though because I broke out when I ran out of it.

I found the Nutra-Lift for $16.95 plus $7.50 S/H at and at . It appears to be the same exact cream as the one sold at for $37.00 as far as I can tell (same ingredients list, same weight, both in pump bottles). They claim that their herbal non-soap face cleanser is “a cleanser, a mask, a toner and a make-up remover all in one.” It does contain butylene glycol though. I just really love the idea of having just two bottles on my counter. Wouldn’t that be great? If I could get as good or better results as with the MyChelle, that would really be wonderful. I read some good reviews on the One Step cream. One review said that it didn’t smell very good though, which concerns me a little. I don’t want to have a bad smell going up my nose all day. Anyone ever tried this product or known anyone who did?

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  1. I ran out of the MyChelle Perfect C serum and decided to go ahead and buy the Nutra Lift One Step from . With S/H it was around $24. My face has flared up over the past week. I haven’t been staying on my routine in a lot of ways. I’ve been skipping using the MyChelle Pumpkin Peel mask (it exfoliates — it burns a little), I’ve been skipping my vitamins, I’ve skipped washing my face in the mornings several times, I’ve eaten wheat and sugar, etc. Ever since I had that bad virus I have been up most every night for like 2 weeks, all night, until dawn. It’s really bad. I tried taking some melatonin and some Boiron Quietude homeopathic tablets for sleep last night. I didn’t even get to bed until like 5:00am but I did feel calmer and I think I did fall asleep faster. I’ve been in pretty bad shape recently. I hope I can get my body back into some kind of rhythm again. It’s all shown up on my face unfortunately. It may have been that sample of The Organic Make-up Company liquid foundation that I tried also. I popped up with two bad zits right after using that make-up, one of them that very night.

  2. I received a package from the 2000 Vitamins company but they sent me the wrong product. They sent me Youthful Essentials Wrinkle Serum instead. They told me to pack it back in the original packaging and put “return to sender” on it. I hope the postman picked it up today. They already sent me the right product without waiting to get this one back, which I appreciate. They just made a mistake.

  3. I received the Nutra Lift One Step yesterday and used it last night and this morning. I don’t have a problem with the scent — it has a mild orange/mint scent and smells a bit vitaminy. It’s a very mild scent that doesn’t bother me at all. The consistency is a light lotion, not oily whatsoever. When I first used the pump, an almost clear liquid came out. After I shook it up well then it came out as a light textured brownish lotion. It dries matte. My skin did feel soft to the touch this morning when I woke up. I can’t imagine it being comedogenic because it’s so light in texture. As to whether it will keep my skin clear on its own, we will see. There is a testimonial at the website from someone with acne:

    “My acne has cleared up 95% and the red marks and scars are fading.”

    I’m planning to just use the MyChelle cleansers that I have (Fruit Enzyme Cleanser and Honeydew Cleanser at night to remove make-up), and the toner and see how my skin responds to just those few products. Maybe I’ll still use the scrub also because I enjoy the feeling of scrubbing my face. The Nutra Lift is supposed to exfoliate also though. I’ll continue to use the Gloria Martel SkinLift light. I’m hoping I can get away with a much simpler, cheaper regimen. Also, the MyChelle products haven’t helped to make the red marks left behind fade any faster and I don’t feel it’s helped with the damage from the Jessner peel either. Also, my skin has been looking pale and unhealthy. I do need to get outside more though, but I’m hoping this will help with skin tone also. I put the Nutra Lift on this hideous pimple or mole thing I’ve had on the top of my chest for like 6 months or more and it actually looks to have gone down since last night. If the Nutra Lift can make that thing go away, then I will be totally amazed. If not, I’m going to have to see a derm to check it for cancer and to get it removed. It has for sure gone down overnight though…that’s really encouraging. I put it on a mole on my upper arm also. Maybe this stuff will turn out to be a healing miracle…I sure hope so. The testimonials were so enthusiastic, including from one dermatologist from Sweden who wrote:

    “The results are as good as laser surgery.”

    I found a UK website that sells the Nutra-Lift One Step under the name Nutural One Step: . I sent them an e-mail asking them why they were using a different name. The reply was:

    Thanks for your email.

    Yes it’s exactly the same product.
    We don’t use the Nutra-Lift name here as ‘NutroLift’ has been trademarked in Europe by L’Oreal and they would probably have sued us.
    The cleanser is also the same.

    Please let us know how you get on with the product.


    Bill Fleming

    There’s a good FAQ section there with some good information as to how to use it. I hope, I hope that this stuff works as wonderfully for me as for the people giving testimonies. I sure hope the testimonies are genuine. I’m ready to experience a miracle right now.

  4. I went ahead and ordered the Nutra lift Herbal Non-Soap Face Cleanser, even though it’s not totally natural. Since a cleanser isn’t going to remain sitting on the face like a lotion does, hopefully it won’t be a health risk. I’m hoping that I can get away with using just the two products, the cleanser and the lotion, period. The cleanser is supposed to have a built-in toner. I’m low on my MyChelle toner, so I’m spending the same money I would be spending on the toner on the cleanser instead. I’m trying to simplify my life and travel light. I also ordered the hair gel. I hope this works out for me. I hate the whole process of mailing stuff back. I’ve been using the Nutra-Lift One Step for several days now and so far I do like it. The lotion has some color to it and it seems to diffuse light when it dries. I don’t feel like I need to wear foundation when I use it. I just use my La Bella Donna mineral powder as a spot cover and use the Aubrey rose tone powder as a blush. The One Step has a broad spectrum SPF also. I haven’t had any more break outs so far. I am using my Gloria Martel SkinLift light with it also. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get away with this simplified routine and get good results.

  5. I’ve been using the Nutra Lift One Step for 5 days now and the results are very encouraging so far. I had a nasty bump on my upper chest for many months; I don’t know if it’s acne or something else. It was big, inflamed and had a hard crusty whitish head (like dead calcified skin) and it was painful to the touch. It was nasty and would not go away. I put the Nutri Lift on it, and it immediately went down after one day, and then a day later the top of it just came off painlessly in the shower (no bleeding, no rawness underneath) and now it’s just a little almost flat painless bump. My face has cleared up also. I really hope that my skin continues to improve with this stuff.

  6. I started using the Nutra Lift soapless cleanser a couple of days ago. The instructions say to leave it on the face for 30 seconds, lather and rinse, and then to cleanse a second time. They told me to use a fresh clean washcloth daily also. My face feels a little tight after cleansing, but not too bad. I also just realized that the Nutra Lift One Step cream is supposed to be applied on a wet face. It says to use a pearl sized amount on the face. I realized I had been using too much of the One Step lotion before because I was applying it on a dry face and it wasn’t spreading too well. I wrote before that the One Step was almost like a make-up foundation, but using the smaller amount, it goes on more sheer. Men could use it without being concerned that it looks like make-up. Except for a few scattered blackheads, which might be due to some new make-up powder I was sampling, my skin is very clear. I still have a couple of red marks from the flare-up I had before using the Nutra Lift though. So far so good, with the exception of my skin feeling a little dry. It was feeling dry before using the Nutra Lift though. Maybe it’ll moisten up over time. I’ll post every few weeks to update on my progress with the products. It’s a little scary to change products — always fearful of a flare up. It seems to take forever for the red marks to go away from the bad ones.

  7. I went ahead and ordered more Nutra Lift products: the Grape Seed Foaming Face Polish (a scrub), the Hyaluronic Serum, the Anti-Aging Cleansing Milk, the Night Repair Lotion, the Lip Therapy and also their hair shampoo and conditioner. My skin is totally clear right now and feels soft and silky to the touch. Michael at Nutra Lift told me not to use any more than two layers of treatment products at once so I will use the Hyaluronic Serum in the day and the Night Repair Lotion at night and use the One Step over them. It’s refreshing to be told that considering that the MyChelle Dermaceuticals company recommends layering like 5 products at once. That’s part of the reason I’m switching is because I got sick and tired of layering (and paying for) all of those products. I love the whole "One Step" idea of having everything in one cream (except that I don’t like the idea of sleeping with an SPF chemical on my skin). I’m a little nervous about the Lip Therapy because it does contain oils, but none of them are over a grade "2" on the list. They also threw in a bottle of "Venezia" body fragrance as a gift, which was nice. They do have a 30-day guarantee on everything also. They wrote me in an e-mail:

    Our philosophy is that the skin must breathe, little or no oils… no heavy emulsifiers and stabilizers…and high concentration of pure and natural extracts.

  8. I received the new products and I’ve noticed a difference already just using them 2 days. My skin is clear and it is feeling very soft and I think the color has improved. My male cousin mentioned to me the other day that I looked to have healthy color in my face. The Cleansing Milk is not really milky in consistency — it is a greenish lotion that is fairly thin in consistency. The scrub is a tad scratchy compared to the MyChelle scrub which was made with jojoba beads, but my skin looks brighter to me after using it. (It is to be left on the skin for a few minutes as a mask also.) The lines above my lips look softer to me after using the Lip Therapy cream (it’s a very nice creamy texture and both smells and tastes good). The Night Repair Lotion has a nice aroma. I’m feeling very hopeful that these products will make a big difference in my skin in the long run.

    I had my hair cut today and I brought the Nutra-Lift hair products for her to use on me. They seem fine so far — no itching or burning, like with most hair products.

  9. My skin’s still doing pretty well on the products. I have a couple of small zits, but then I skipped a couple of washings, and haven’t been sticking to my diet that well either. One thing I’m not happy about is some of the e-mail responses I’ve gotten from their customer service department. I asked some questions about when and how to use each product, what order to layer them in, etc., and I got a pretty flippant answer:

    "If you read the directions you would have the answers…its that simple."

    Translation: "Don’t bother me with your stupid questions you idiot! 😡 "

    This snotty person never signs his/her name either. I had a very nice experience on the phone with a man at the company though, and they have replied to my questions promptly through e-mail. I read the directions several times and found them to be incomplete and sometimes even contradictory, like e.g. the One Step says to apply to a damp face and the Hyaluronic Serum says to let it dry and then apply other treatments on top, etc. The other companies I’ve dealt with that had a large array of products always had usage charts like this one, , so that it was really clear how to combine and layer the various products. Nutra-Lift doesn’t have any chart like that. I am pleased with the products though.

  10. My skin started to break out again so I’m going back to using MyChelle Dermaceuticals. I shouldn’t have spent the money on the NutraLift products. I think they’re generally good products, but this last flare up concerns me too much. I don’t want to use NutraLift’s acne lotion because it contains ionic silver, which I’m afraid of (the danger of argyria).

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