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hi i’ve bought quiet a few supplements due to influences of getting rid of this terrible acne problem I’ve had for 5 years. I’ve accumulated such supplements as: omega 3, vitamin C, vitamin b complex, pantothenic acid, and very green which is a concentrated greens that include: bee pollen, milk thistle, alfalfa leaf juice and many others. My question is, is it safe to take most of these supplements on a regular day basis? I also wanted to get just the milk thistle by itself along with the very green supplement, is it possible to take both without interactions? Thanks Luke

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  1. I’m taking a jillion different supplements every day myself that were prescribed by my naturopath. I know that there are certain vitamins, like Vit. A and also iron which can be toxic in excessive doses, and you have to watch that you aren’t getting too much in total amongst the various supplements. Dr. Andrew Weil has a website, , where you can look up various elements and read up on them, his recommended daily dose, etc. My doctor also has me laying off some of the supplements for like 2 weeks every couple of months. Some of the herbal stuff he has cut back to me taking only 5 days a week. It can get a bit tricky with all the factors involved. It would behoove you to do some reading about vitamins and herbs and such. Either that, or shell out the money to see a naturopathic doctor at least one time. Maybe Maya would be able to help you out more. She has a lot of knowledge about various supplements and may be able to check over what you’re taking for interactions, excessive dosing, etc. I do know that there are some interactions between herbs and prescription drugs that one has to watch out for, e.g., ginko biloba thins the blood and if you take it with a prescription drug blood thinner it can be a dangerous combination. If some of the supplements are made by the same company, you could write (e-mail) or call the company and ask them about these issues. Some of these companies have experts on staff to answer such questions.

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