Dr. Denese skin care products — free samples

There was a long PBS special on KOCE the other night featuring Dr. Adrienne Denese, a dermatologist who has written books about skin care and has her own line of skin care products. Her products are sold on QVC. She is in her 50’s and her skin looks pretty amazing. She also has beautiful hair. She has her own website, www.drdenese.com but the products are not sold at that website. She has products for acne also. You can get free samples of her skin care products at www.4everyouthful.com (they don’t even charge for S/H — it’s totally free). I e-mailed Dr. Denese at her website asking what she recommended for my skin type and she recommended the acne pads 2x a day, the growth factor serum, Hydroshield for the eyes, microderm cream (it’s a scrub) every other night, and the SPF30 day cream for the day. The products do contain a lot of botanicals but they also contain a lot of chemicals. The microderm cream also contains isopropyl myristate which is listed as being highly comedogenic but perhaps it’s not a problem in a scrub that’s going to be washed off.

My skin has been staying pretty clear with the MyChelle products but there are some other issues which I’m not totally happy with. My skin has been somewhat dry, I have wrinkles above my mouth that bug me, and the creams are fairly heavy. Also, I feel like my skin has never normalized fully and gained the elasticity that it lost from the Jessner peel I had years ago. I tried the Dr. Denese SPF cream today and it looks lovely (it contains melanin and has some tint to it) and my skin felt like it could breathe. I shouldn’t even be thinking about switching to another brand considering that I have so much left of the other products, but her skin just looked so amazing. She said she hadn’t had any plastic surgery but she may have had laser peels, botox, etc., who knows. I think what triggered this is that I turned 54 last week and I’m just feeling kind of old and depressed. She also makes foundation. I don’t know if I’m actually going to go ahead with this or not, but I’m tempted because my skin feels good after using the sample products today. It’s not the totally natural type of product that I normally recommend, but right now I’m really wanting visible significant results and perhaps these will do the trick.

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