cysts on eyebrows?

Hey all does anyone here ever get like painful deep pimples/cysts right at teh very top of the eyebrow? I got them last year and the doc put me on ampicillin and i cleared up – now they are back in the same place… they hurt and i want em to go away – can anyone help? what would be better to put on it … hydrocortizone cream or neosporin??? thanks for any and all help in advance

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2 thoughts on “cysts on eyebrows?

  1. I get these too. 90% of the acne I get is this type, either above my eyebrows or on the side temple of my face. I have no clue why I get them mainly there (I make sure never to touch those areas and I always sleep on my back without my facing touching the pillow).

    They always wind up scarring too. 🙁 And I can’t seem to get rid of the scars.

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