i’m desperate at this point…..

ok, so last year i was a teacher in south korea and decided to go on accutane there. i was on a low dose of 20 mg per day for 3 months, and then 10 mg for the last month. during these months, and after, i was on differin as well. the combination of the two cleared up my face and body completely (i’m a 25 year old female who suffers cysts all over the body, and has extremely oily skin, even on my neck and the sides of my face).
however, about 2 or 3 months after going off the accutane, my face strted to break out again. i kept using differin, and i quit smoking, and began eating more healthy foods and doing yoga, hoping this holistic approach would help. but no. my acne is just as bad, if not worse, than before i went on ‘tane. but now i scar more easily.

now, since i am away from the wonderful and convenient korean health care system, and am back home working, but with no insurance, i need to go back on accutane again. my derm in korea warned that i may have to do it again, since i was on such a low dose for such a short time. however, i can’t afford to see a derm, (i can go see a doc and pay a sliding fee for general lab work, so that’s not a problem), and i can’t afford to buy accutane at full price, and i don’t want to go on birth control (i’m gay, so it’s not necessary, though a demr would probably make me go on it anyway).

i am hoping that one of you out there has extra accutane they would be willing to give or sell to me discreetly. i know this is taboo, buti am extremely responsible, lead a healthy lifestyle, will get regular blood work, and tolerated accutane wonderfully when i was on it the first time (barely even chapped lips).

if someone has gone off roaccutane and wants the extra off their hands, please email me at [email protected] and we can discuss it away from this forum. i have paypal and could also send a money order or whatever you would prefer.

i know this is against the rules, but i don’t see any other way. i did try to set up an appointment with a derm, but every single derm in maine within a 150 mile radius is booked until at least august/sept, and charges $150 for an initial visit and at least $80 for followups. i can’t afford that, even with the two jobs i’m working. i’m not eligible for health insurance with my employer until at least 6 months form now. i don’t want to wait that long because my skin is getting in the way of my emotional well being, happiness, and self-confidence. i’ve tried everything under the sun, and nothing works but accutane.

i know someone out there must be willing to help me out of this predicament.

thanks so much,


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4 thoughts on “i’m desperate at this point…..

  1. I have heard there are online websites where you can get accutane without the prescription. I think this is because some countries you don’t need a prescription to sell drugs. I don’t think it is good idea if you take the pills from anyone, that’s too dangerous. I hope if you do manage to get them via an online website, you do go and get your bloodwork done. This drug is very serious.

  2. thank you for the reply, mari. i know that links are not allowed on this site, but if you know of any specific websites that are legit, would you be willing to email them to me at [email protected]? i have done some searching online but i don’t know which sites are not scams. and of course i would get all my bloodwork done, and tell my doc if anything didn’t feel right. but at this point all i’m looking for is 10-20 mg per day, which is extremely low, but still very effective.

    thanks again for your help


  3. roxy, I allow links in this website as long as they are not spam. (i’m the website owner) I can’t allow a link here for getting accutane like that because I fear of people who get this drug without proper medical supervision and I don’t want anyone in danger for using my website. I know how desperating is having acne is and I know how we wish to do anything for not having it but this drug thruthfully needs medical supervision.

    I used to know of some sites that sell a long time ago and now I really don’t know which it was. I knew of a site where you could get the contraceptive pill dianne35 who seems to have the highest rate for curing acne and that you can’t buy in the us as it is not fda approved. But since I bought new computer I lost all those bookmarks. I will let your email in case someone knows and wants to tell you.

  4. thank you so much! yes, i knew links were allowed, but i meant link related to illegally buying accutane were not permitted…. yeah, i may have to shell out the cash to see a derm, since this does mean a lot to me, and may be worth it. but if my acne comes abck again, it would be like money down the drain. that would be so frustrating!

    but thanks again for the advice. i may just check out diane35. i know they had it in korea, and i know mky best friend was on it and she was breaking out like ehll , but it may have been due to teaching stress and dirty air/water, and not the bc pills.

    take care,

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