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Simple question really. Do they have an outlet in the UK or if not, does anyone know a UK company selling similar products?


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  1. I don’t know. I’ll call them and ask them for you though (800-447-2076 here in the U.S.A.). You could also e-mail them through their website at . The e-mail address I have for them is [email protected] Did you see that I have a whole thread (more like a long diary) below of my experience with them? They’re very good products and my face has been much more clear using their line. The only complaint I have is that my skin gets a little dry sometimes, but that could be from other factors also (age, climate, diet, using powder make-up, having had a Jessner chemical peel a couple of years ago, etc.) I also think that the Gloria Martel SkinLift light is helpful. Yesterday I used a creamy make-up (MiEssence, which is organic) and my skin feels much more moist today. Anyway, I’ll give Mychelle a call for you. You could probably find a natural, chiral skin care line in the U.K. but I don’t know if it would be comparable. There’s another chiral skin care line that an aesthetician recommended to me. I’ll research that (the name) and back to you on it.

  2. Ok, I found out that they do ship to the UK (for $18 ). I may order some of their products (unless anyone can recommend some alternatives in the UK?). On a slightly different note, what are people’s opinions on Nivea products?

  3. I’m sorry I forgot to call MyChelle about delivering to the UK. I was going to call them tomorrow, but you already got in touch with them. $18 is a lot for shipping but they are very good products. I have a couple of zits currently, but then I skipped washing my face a few mornings this week and also forgot to use the clay mask. I also tried a new make-up recently that may have caused a problem. When I use the products consistently along with the Gloria Martel SkinLift light my skin stays pretty much clear. Nivea is a drugstore brand that is full of petroleum derived chemicals. You can read the ingredients and package information on some of the Nivea products at .

    There’s another brand of chiral skin care products that an aesthetician named Charlene DeLory recommended to me called Cosmedix. You can read about them at and at . Maybe they carry these products in the UK. The full ingredients listings are at the second website (the first site only lists the active ingredients). I would imagine that they’re pretty expensive though. Charlene said that they’re quite active (strong) products.

    Charlene has her own website, where she sells her own line of skin care products. I bought some of her products years ago: the Cell Renewal Skin Treatment System, the sunscreen and I think a moisturizer, can’t recall. I only used them for a few weeks I think though. I found the whole process to be time consuming and difficult and I was breaking out more so I got nervous and quit. I didn’t try them for a long enough period of time though to give them a good test, but it was just such a hassle to use. She wouldn’t take them back so I gave them to my sister. Charlene said that she had bad acne for years. Her skin looks beautiful and she’s up in years. Her skin looks healthy, clear and youthful with no scars.

    I also bought a DermaWand which she recommended but I found it to be too harsh on my skin. It also makes a shrill noise that is really unpleasant when using it near the ear area. I had to wear earplugs when I used it. She claims that the DermaWand works wonders for acne, but my skin is just too sensitive for it. It kind of burns the skin with ozone — it does exfoliate and causes the skin to peel but I couldn’t take it, even on the lowest setting.

  4. Thanks for your reply. I’ve ordered some products from MyChelle to try them out. You mention that Nivea products contain “petroleum derived chemicals”? Do these have any long term effects on the skin? Do any of the big companies sell products (mainly moisturizers) that do not contain bad chemicals?


    Edit: Ok, here is a list of ingredients from one particular product:

    Would someone be able to point out the “bad” ingredients and the short/medium/long term effects of them? I don’t really know what I’m looking for…..

  5. Most department store and drugstore cosmetic products contain petroleum derived chemicals of questionable safety. Here are some websites where you can read about what they consider to be safe cosmetic ingredients or not: (select “ingredients to avoid”) (select “harmful ingredients”) (select “What is natural?” and “History”) (select “philosophy”) (they have a list of ingredients rated by comedogenicity and potential irritancy: select “Safe Cosmetics”, and then select “Acne Detective List”) (see “Reading Room” on the right of the screen and select “cosmetics”)

    You will also find information about ingredients safety at . I would recommend reading through their monthly newsletters there also — there’s a lot of good info there. There are also a couple of books you might want to read or use as reference:

    The Safe Shopper’s Bible by David Steinman & Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.
    A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter, M.S.

    You might be able to find some of these books at the library. I get used books (sometimes in brand new condition) at incredibly cheaply. I got a bunch of Thomas Guides maps there really cheap also, and they were all in good condition. They were maybe 1 or 2 years old.

    The list you gave has a mixture of natural plant-derived ingredients (like aloe vera) and most likely petroleum derived chemicals (like propylene glycol) and chemical preservatives (the parabens). Some companies will claim that their chemical ingredients are okay because they are derived from a plant source (like apparently propylene glycol can be derived from a plant source) but I spoke to a friend of mine who is a chemist and he felt that it was still a toxic chemical regardless of the source it was derived from. There is a lot of disagreement about these issues, I have to say, but from all that I’ve read and also from just an intuitive feeling about it, I feel much safer sticking with natural plant based products. There is the danger of these products harboring bacteria, though, if they are not preserved properly, but there are natural preservatives that work well also (Linda Chae uses one made from a flower, there’s grapefruit seed extract, etc.). The chemical ingredients are much cheaper for the companies to make and that’s why most natural products are more expensive and probably have a lower profit margin.

    The problem is that these cosmetics can absorb through the skin into the bloodstream and get into the organs, etc. My feeling about such chemicals is “guilty until proven innocent” — that is, if there’s a question about their safety I’d rather err on the side of being overly cautious and not use them. After all, it’s only in the last 50-60 years or so that people have been using these chemicals on their bodies, in the food supply, in the water and air, etc. It’s like a great big old chemical experiment — who knows how it all combines together and what the effects might be? Hard to say… I’ve been using MyChelle Dermaceuticals products which are naturally based but not necessarily organic. There are organic natural cosmetics out there also that would contain less pesticides in them, like Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials, MiEssence (in Australia) and Aubrey’s Organics. I tried Chae’s products and they’re very nice except they didn’t do a great job of clearing the acne. I had to use something else with them. Some people have found MiEssence to help acne — I only tried some samples of them, and I found the acne mask to be really strong. My face was itching like mad as it dried. I couldn’t hack it. I think some of the products also contained carrageenan (sp?) which is comedogenic according to the list. It just gets so complicated, factoring in all the various angles….

  6. Thanks for your very informative reply, Lenore. Several products I’ve bought have now been ditched. I ordered from MyChelle last Friday but my order still shows as “Pending”, how long does it usually take for them to ship products? When they do arrive, how long do you think it would take to start to have an effect on my skin?


  7. I don’t think it’s ever taken longer than a week for the MyChelle orders to arrive and sometimes they come within days. I live in Los Angeles, California. I’m not sure how long it will take to see results. If you’re using the full spectrum of products, hopefully you’ll see clearing happening in 2-3 weeks, but really it takes probably a couple of months to really get things under control. Which products did you order? Did you get trial or full sizes? I hope you like them and that they help your skin a lot. If not, you can always send them back. I’ve had very good experiences with that company. Their customer service is excellent. Did you look over their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section? There’s also a lot of good information in the online newsletters.

    She suggests to alternate between the Fruit Enzyme Scrub and the Incredible Pumpkin Peel daily until the skin clears. The Cranberry Mud Mask is also helpful for acne. The C-Serum is quite expensive but it does help with acne a lot also. I use it twice a day. The Cranberry Cleanser is very helpful for acne and oily skin but it can be drying over time. I don’t use the Pumpkin Renew Cream because I am over 50 years old and they recommended the creams for mature skin for me. Please keep us posted. I’m excited about your trying the products. By the way, do you wear make-up, and if so which one? You want to make sure that you’re not putting a comedogenic and/or chemical-laden make-up on top of the skin care and counteracting the benefits.

  8. Hmm, I ordered a few of their products to try (full sizes)…. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes (if the products ever arrive!). Here is my order status:

    10082 05/05/2006 Pending Payment Received View

    Still pending! If you have a moment and could give them a ring it would be appreciated. I don’t want to spend $$’s more on international calling. My username on their site is “Martay”, same as here. If not, don’t worry I’ll contact them in another week or two if nothing’s changed.


  9. Ok, I emailed MyChelle and got a reply – the products were dispatched on the 7th so they should be here soon. I ordered full sizes of the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser and the Fruit Enzyme mist, as well as the eye cream. If I like these products I may order some more products but I can’t seem to decide which. I would like the order to be over $50 so I can get free shipping but less than $75. I have moderate acne (small amount on the forehead and around the mouth).

    I’ve read through the FAQ and I’m not keen on buying all the products they recommend but I was wondering if this may be a suitable order to go with what I already ordered previously:

    Cranberry Mud Mask/Incredible Pumpkin Peel (which one?)
    Pumpkin Renew Cream
    Possibly the Cranberry Cleanser (although my skin isn’t that oily so it may just dry it out) or the Fruit Enzyme Scrub?

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you.

  10. I think the most key ones for clearing acne are:

    Cranberry Cleanser
    Clear Skin Serum
    Pumpkin Peel
    Perfect C serum

    I know it’s a huge line of products, and a real pain in the bum, but they do all work well together. I would get the Pumpkin Peel over the Cranberry Mudd Mask if you could only afford one of them. Exfoliation is key.

    Have you checked UK’s Ebay for Mychelle products? Maybe there’s a distributor on there. Also, there’s another website, that sells Mychelle products at a discounted price. I’ve never ordered from her though.

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