Well It All Starts Here

well i started my accutane trip today. but not with its usual inconviences, lets begin:
1.get to derm.
2.get prescription, does this seem normal?
(40mg once a day?)..thats what he gave me even i asked about splitting it up into two doses,
3. get bloodwork done
4.ungodly pain
5. leave chair
6. black out while walking
7. collapse outside on ground
8. cant hear nor see for about 3 minutes
9. get my self together( this all probably happened cause i didnt eat all day)
10. go fill pres.
11. they say summin bad, come back in 20 min to check
12. goto burgerking
13.go back to pharmacy
14. two OLD people in front of me
15. one get hers med and she did some shopping, SO i had to wait forever while she got ranged up
16. she says that the toilet paper she bought is for 2/$3.00, 10 minutes later she gets her 1.29 refund. I was about to break her hip. if i known she went through all the BS for 1.29!!!! i would have gave her the money
17. next ones wants to switch everything up to save money
18. 15 minutes later, i get my stuff, pretty good price of $25 for a month
19. HUMM, already 5 minutes late to get back to my last class, so i just dont go.
20. old people suck
21. o and i almost get side swiped from some old fart

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3 thoughts on “Well It All Starts Here

  1. Oh thanks! Ya your acne isnt bad at all. My guess is you will clear up very quickly 🙂

    Mari 8)

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