Ok, so here’s my story. I went on accutane when i was 16 and my skin was CLEAR until I was about 21. Thats when it started acting up again. Since then ive been on topicals, birth control, you name it. Ive discussed with my doctor today actually, that i want to begin accutane again (2nd course). He has agreed but we wont start until after my finals in May. (Im 23 now).

Now, the last time I took accutane, i noticed moderate hair loss AFTER i had gone off it, but none during. I am afraid of losing my hair!. Can anyone who may have had issues with their hair during treatment please let me know of any preventative measures I can take so that I do not lose my hair. Here is what I have thought of, please give me some input:
-use anti-dandruff shampoo to hydrate scalp
-use V05 hot oil to moisturize scalp
-take supplements for Hair growth (there are lots of these at GNC but all have vit A at high doses so i might just take some biotin).
-begin using rogaine or nioxin.

ALSO, i weigh 45 kg so my doctor has decided to go with 40 mg/day for 4-5 months depending on how my acne is clearing up. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has tried low dose treatment who can give me a heads up to a typical low dose treatment.


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