hair dye

I have a couple questions….

1) What is the best type of hair dye to use that washes out?

2)If i dye my hair black i want to go white blonde but i know that wont happen but i want to figure out what to do ?!!

3)I know all this dying will damage my hair so i want to get good shampoo/conditioner for my hair.

Can anyone help me with these questions….and i prrolly have more but just cant think of them!!

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2 thoughts on “hair dye

  1. Most professionals wouldn’t recommend such a drastic change. Especially if you are going to try it yourself. Your hair will need to be bleach out first. And then the right color needs to be added. If you don’t do it right. Your hair could fall out! Maybe you should try chuncky highlights.

  2. Conair Pro-Colour Accents is a product that just coats your hair in pigment. You can do bright colours over dark hair and it looks really rad, and just washes out with shampoo. It would take a while if you have a lot of hair though because it’s designed to just do strips of hair, so you’d have to repeat that over your whole head.

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