What is your number one tip?

hey, i thought id get everyone to post there number 1 acne – reducing tip!
even if its only a small thing….

mine so far would be aloe vera gel, this has really helped with redness and agravation, i dont think it actually stops new pimples forming (maybe slightly) but its great for old ones! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “What is your number one tip?

  1. I like aleo vera a lot but i find it so drying. Does anyone know why it dries your skin so much?

  2. Don’t eat anything with cotton seed oil or cotton oil in it especially if it is manufactured in the US. This stuff is often in fast food cookers, and if I get any cottom seed oil in any food I itch like crazy, and I break out in puss topped type pimples. Yuck! :cry

    I guess you can guess I read labels in the grocery store now, and I do a lot of ‘from scratch’ cooking because I am so afraid of eating cotton seed oil.

    I was just remembering when I bought an eyebrow pencil that had cotton seed oil in it. I did not read the label but I got pimples in my eyebrows and later looked at the label of the same product in the store (I had thrown my card away that the pencil came on) and right there on the card it said ‘cotton seed oil.’ You can bet I was upset!

  3. Be gentle with your skin. Don’t over-wash, over-exfoliate, or use too many harsh chemicals on your face. Be careful not to touch your face with dirty hands, keep your pillow cases clean, etc. :angel

  4. I say find your number one food enemy and stay away from it!!!!
    Whether it be sugar, caffeine, iodine…whatever.

    I was 95% clear on Friday and I used caffeine to stay up to study and ate sushi after I got out of class and wouldn’t you know it, today I have 5 huge new cysts. I’m pretty sure it was the iodine in the sushi or a combination of the caffeine and sushi. I’m so bummed right now. I was doing well. :puppydogeyes

    Hopefully drinking plenty of water and continuing w/my normal regimen will run those suckers right away.

    God bless!


    I totally agree with NYM……no synthetic chemicals if it can be helped…of any kind. Use all-natural cleansers. No cetaphil, no purpose soap….no drugstore stuff unless it’s jojoba oil, 100% shea butter or whatever.

    Get Acne Miracle or Living Nature products as they have no chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

    Colloidial silver SPRAY (not the stuff you take internally).

  6. While I completetly support on the natural cleansors I have to make a statement that they are not absolutetly an option to everybody. Me for one I do not tolerate any cleansor that contain salicylates, that means any product that contain any sort of plant extract is good for my skin. So for some of us Purpose or Cetaphil are good options :wink

  7. My number one enemy I have narrowed down to either sugar or caffine. I drank one of those 48 ounce things of Mountian Dew and I broke out today… So it’s probably either the sugar in it or the caffine… Probably the sugar! But caffine can’t be all that good….

  8. Don’t pick or squeeze.

    I’ve noticed it ALL LOOKS MUCH WORSE after picking or squeezing. I’ve finally learned my lesson.

  9. LOL Ryan, just check mark where it says remember me automatically on the log in screen and it wont happen again :wink

  10. Mari, using Cetaphil for me was like pouring bacon grease on my skin. 😮

    Do all plants have salicylicates? Or just some? The reason why I mentioned the all natural stuff is because I tried all of the drugstore cleansers on the planet and never saw any improvement, but more breakouts. Hey…when I say I’ve tried EVERYTHING, I mean I TRIED EVERYTHING.

    But ofcourse we are all different………I just know that the less chemicals I use on my skin, the clearer my skin is. I do use Sage Skin Care’s facial shampoo for sensitive skin to remove make-up. But I don’t wear make-up everyday, so it’s not something I use every single day. And that has a few chemicals in it, but it is aloe vera based.

  11. Smoke a packet of cigeratte’s a day!! it does wonders for ur skin!!

    only kiddin. DONT.

    best tip……. WATER….. drink it loads and wash with it two/three times a day.

  12. Exercise, get fresh air and sun. It’s great for overall well-being too 😀
    The worst favor you can grant yourself is sitting by the computer entire day, apply creams and masks and hope that it will cute you. It won’t. In the end you might look like :eek <- Mr Eek over here.
    Yeah and don’t forget to wash and pop vitamins ;>

  13. No, I do check the remember me at the login screen, it’s not that, it’s the fact that I have strange cookie settings and end up having to delete cookies alot… And when I do that, it logs me out and I forget to log back in…

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