I’m really really sick of my skin. It’s EXTREMELY oily and I want it to stop! :cry The oil bothers me even more than my acne does because having shiny skin makes it look a whole lot worse than it actually is.
I started taking MSM because somebody suggested I should try it…so I did. I think it’s making things worse. My stomach is killing me, i’m sore everywhere and it’s not helping one bit with my skin. It WAS drying it out but then it just stopped.
I ache, I can’t stand to look in the mirror, i’ve lost all confidence….somebody help me :puppydogeyes

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  1. Hey there. I read some info on msm as well, wasnt too sure what to make of it. Im going thru exactly what you are, well my skin isnt as oily as it used to be. I found that the more you wash your face the worse it gets as you are constantly removing the oil your skin secretes and so it produces even more to keep up. I find washing in the morning with a tea tree face wash, then the same just after dinner and then before bed is best. If you feel really oily just wash with water during the day, too many cleasing face washes arent good. Plus ive started drinking a lot more water and find it helping with the oil levels. You could try a diet approach, looking at eliminating any fried foods, junk foods, chocolate etc from your eating patterns.

    Im eating loadsa fruit and veg, especially fresh fruit and then having organic chicken and quality soups and salads for main meals. I dont know if itl make much difference but im prepared to give it ago. Some say getting a good nights sleep is as equally important as any treatment as this is the time when your skin will heal naturally, so basically get as much as you can. I also take epsom salt baths and use manuka honey (which i find very soothing). Also applying tea tree oil, jojoba oil, manuka oil etc are all supposed to be good for combating skin problems. Just some suggestions. Hang in there youll get through it.

  2. hey i have oily skin 2!! i no how u feel try going for facials that works or using some over the counter treatment like panoxyl its rly gd i use it and even tho i still have acne its rly clearing it up and also making my face more oily and another thing u may think having oily skin is the worst thing in the world but my doctor told me that its better than having dry skin cos ur skin stays more supple for longer so wen ur olda ur skin doesnt age as quickly!

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