going back to Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials

I have decided for now to go back to my old tried and true Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials skin care products. The MyChelle does work well for acne, but my skin is just feeling so dry right now and a bit “thrashed”. I feel like I need to stay away from acids for awhile, even in the chiral form. They may be less drying and irritating in the chiral form, but they still are acids.

I was really disappointed to find out that Linda Chae is going to discontinue her Perfecting Serum. That is really good stuff and the other treatment booster, “Lifting Cream”, is not recommended for acne prone skin. I tried using the Lifting Cream all over my face and as I recall I broke out. I just use it under my eyes, above my mouth and on my neck currently. I bought two bottles of the Perfecting Serum and they threw in a third one for free. I also read in their literature that the Purifying Mist, which is actually sold as room spray, is also good for using on the face for acne. I know it sounds weird to spray a room spray on one’s face, but it contains all organic natural ingredients. It has stabilized oxygen in it which I think is anti-bacterial.

For years I used a combination of the Naturally Clear skin care products and the Chae products. Currently I am going to try just using the Chae products in conjunction with the Gloria Martel SkinLift light and see if that will keep things under control. I’ve just got one medium sized zit right now which looks to be healing. I’ve been taking the Naturally Clear vitamin supplement all along for years now and highly recommend it. I also just ordered a supplement called Looking Young at www.freelife.com , the website where they sell the Chae products. It’s supposed to be good for skin, hair and nails. I probably should have consulted my naturopathic doctor first though, but it looked good to me. I have to be careful not to get too much Vit. A with all the different vitamins I’m taking. I’ve been using MiEssence liquid foundation recently. My skin’s just been so dry that I haven’t felt like using powders on my skin at all.

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