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Earth’s Beauty

I just heard about this line of cosmetics that doesn’t contain any of the ingredients that Dr. Hulda Clark listed as harmful and carcinogenic (titanium, bismuth, etc.) and it also doesn’t contain mica, which the owner of DermaCare, Kay Stoll, told me was bad for acne. She’s the only one who’s ever told me to avoid mica, but she has been in the field for 20 years and specializes in acne, so I do put a lot of weight on her advice. These products look to be very pure and safe. I’m going to try their samples soon.

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  1. I got my samples of the Earth Beauty make-up. I got samples of several colors of their original powder foundation, the powder foundation with SPF, and the blushes. I also got a sample of the under eye concealor cream which can also be used for blemishes. (The ingredients look to be okay on the list.) The powder foundation with SPF is supposed to have a heavier coverage than the original powder.

    So far I’ve tried the SPF foundation, the blush and the concealor. Even the SPF foundation only has light to medium coverage though. The concealor covers very well, though, and I really like it. It has a little bit of a yellowish tone to it so it covers redness very well. It only comes in two colors though, light and medium. The light works well for me. I like what I’ve tried so far. I think I can get away with the amount of coverage it offers in combination with using the concealor underneath on the red spots and scars.

    You can go to either one of their linked websites, , which just sells the Earth’s Beauty products, or which sells both Earth’s Beauty and other brands. I saw a natural lipstick sealer product in their catalog that I want to try. They even sell a sample of that. They have samples of most all of their products which I think is great.

  2. I’ve used only the Earth’s Beauty make-up for a week now and my skin is pretty much clear and feels soft. I am going to purchase the foundation powder with SPF, the blush and the concealor. I think these are the safest, purest make-up products I’ve seen so far. I wish the foundation powder had better coverage, but then again if I use this powder and stay clear, I’ll have a lot less to cover in the long run! The concealor has excellent coverage.

  3. yah I was using Bare Mineral and Jane Iredale makeup for about 4 months and all of a sudden I had the WORST break out ever!! I have nodules and cysts acne all at once!! My face is a mess! My derm told me some mineral makeup has tons of Mica and Bismuth which are soo bad for acne prone skin. Be careful girls! now my face is a mess!!

  4. It’s funny because neither mica nor bismuth oxychloride (or plain bismuth) are listed as being comedogenic on the list of ingredients. Still, they seem to aggravate some people’s acne and some derms and facialists advise against them. I haven’t received the Perfect Pigment make-up yet so I don’t know what’s in it. The before and after shots looked amazing. They had people on the infommercial giving testimonies about how it didn’t break them out, how their skin had cleared up, how it really covered the scars and blemishes, etc. I’m excited to try it, but I have a feeling it’ll probably be full of chemicals. I’ll report back when I receive it. The Earth Beauty products are nice but the foundation powder doesn’t cover all that well. I also really like the idea with the Perfect Pigment of everything being in one convenient little compact. That was a big selling point for me.

  5. Hi Im interested in getting the Earthbeauty’s makeup, can anyone tell me what their experiences were like using this makeup? is it good for acne prone skin? I had really bad experience w/ BE and Jane Iredale. so any advises would be appreciated, thanks!

  6. I’ve been using the Earth’s Beauty concealor, SPF foundation powder and blush powder for over a month now and my skin has pretty much been clear. (The samples have lasted me all that time.) I have one small pimple that came up on my left cheek which I believe is from a new greasy hair product that I tried in my hair this week. I particularly like the Earth’s Beauty concealor, which covers very well, but even the SPF powder, which is supposed to have more coverage than their other foundation powder without SPF, doesn’t cover all that great. It seems like the purest make-up powder I’ve found yet though and hasn’t bothered my skin in any way.

  7. hi Lenore: just wondering hows the Earthsbeauty’s makeup has been treating u? I bought some of their samples on line but is scare to use them since I had really bad experiences w/ BE and Jane Iredale makeup, they gave me hugh breakout on my chin and along my jawline. so just wondering if they have been causing u any breakout at all?


  8. They didn’t seem to cause any breakout but I’ve been using Perfect Pigment make-up for 4-5 days now. I really love that make-up, although it’s not as pure as Earth’s Beauty. The latter does not cover well though. The Perfect Pigment is very convenient to use. There’s a separate thread about it below. The kit is expensive though, but the concealor and lip gloss are really nice also.

  9. The Earth’s Beauty foundation powder with SPF contains:

    organic arrowroot, kaolin, magnesium stearate, zinc stearate, zinc oxide, and iron oxides.

    Their blush contains:

    Organic arrowroot, iron oxides

    You can read all the Earth’s Beauty ingredients at the site. They’re about as pure as I’ve seen so far with the least amount of potentially problematic ingredients.

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