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On the absolute acne board you have me that program to follow with those 4 products. The products you reccommended i use are jarrow MSM facial gel, Carleys Clear & smooth, Multivitamin w/o copper and Carlson Fish oil w/GLA capsules.


could you explain to me the significance of each these products and how they will contribute to flawless skin?
(ex. Fish oil & GLA = will cure red marks and blah blah blah…)

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  1. Inphint – you found me!!!

    Well, the Protection III multi will give you all round nutrition boost – it’s a particularly good one because it also has some detox stuff in it – so it will clear you from the inside out.

    Fish oils – have omega 3 and this is good for skin tone/texture and general health. Will also help to balance the hormones.

    Carleys – this will help exfoliate your skin and also has some BP in it to help heal zits from the outside.

    MSM gel will help get rid of red marks left by acne and also act as a skin soother if you pop zits/help any zits heal faster.


    I’m off to bed now, but if you post again here, I’ll reply tomorrow.

    Take care

  2. will it treat all types of acne/pimples (hereditory, hormonal, hygeine, food)?

    Im pretty sure that my acne is hereditory and hormonal….. how can i check?(can anybody answer this for me? not just maya specificly..)

    I know that my dad had acne… and i have acne on my chin on a regular basis…

  3. There isnt really a “hygine” acne…
    Hormonal, Hereditary and Food acne are kind of one in the same. Its the bad foods that you eat that throw your hormones off.. and its the Hereditary that makes you more or less prone to getting thrown off.

    So this treatment will help all acne sufferers… Good luck with it! :wink

  4. Thanks for the good luck!

    Just for fun.. (i want everybody to be brutally honest)…
    Lets get some predictions here on the outcome of this.

    It does not matter if your a doctor or anything… lets just get some opinion……..

  5. And of course Inphint – I have told you lots of times on the other board about the importance of proper diet. To me, that is more important than all the stuff listed on this first post.

    My predictions (if you eat well = fruit & veg etc limit junk) plus you take everything above is close to flawless skin!!!!!

    You can go to your doc and ask for a blood test to check your hormone levels. BUT all boys/girls your age will have fluctuating hormones – it is that time of life.

    Anyway, didn’t you say that your dad only had teenage acne???? If that is so, you won’t be plagued with it for life.

  6. maya – i know that is true because i have never seen my mother or father with a pimple.. but supposivly my dad had acne until he was 17…

    when you say “close to flawless skin” is that directed to someone that has ACNE? cause I dont have acne… i just have flare ups and when i do i prolly will only have a TOTAL of 10 red spots/pimples. So i was just wondering if the CURRENT condition has an effect on the outcome (like if my face will be flawless considering i aint that bad now)

    But what im noticing is it has something to do with masturbating….

    when i jerk off, the next 3 days i break out… but then they start going away and i turn clear. (but i cant go long without jerking)


    when i jerk like.. twice a day my skin is un predictable…. its eitehr GREAT or horrible.. never in the middle.


    Also, im beginning to notice that when i break out.. i clear up then my next break out is WORST then the one before and it keeps getting slightly and slightly worst – and i want to treat these pimple attacks and make them stop before they start so my face doesnt get worst and worst……..

  7. Inphint

    Well, about masturbating – I am no expert but I guess that does effect the way your hormones are released. The fish oils and multi should help to, therefore less likely to have the flare ups (or at least limit the extent to which you flare up). Of course, masturbating is quite normal.

    Genetically, you are in a strong position, since your mum didn’t have acne, and your dads stopped at age 17. What you need to consider is that by taking the right approach (diet/supplements/topicals) you are being proactive in the goal of having good skin, also, you need to look after your skin NOW, so that you ensure that you are not left with any scarring.

    Acne on your chin is definately hormonal. The topicals (Carleys and MSM) will help you heal faster and remove dead cells from your face) and the multi/fish oil will help with your hormone fluctuations)

    A lot of us here may not have been as proactive as you seem to want to be. Some of us have bad scarring, and this is a long term issue for many of us.


  8. Im not sure if you answered my question… if so – sorry, i didnt see it…

    Anyways, my question is – considering my already clear complexion (compared to other people that this would work for)… does this mean i will become more clear than someone with actual ACNE?

  9. To inphint…

    Is that you Shane?? If so, how you doing man?? I was just readin these posts and it sure sounds like you from the other board of Mari’s. You always had a lot of questions…LOL!!

    Well, if its really you, I’m glad you are here posting!! And if its not you, I still wish you greetings!! Good luck on your acne clearing!


  10. Russell – Shane and Inphint are not the same. Shane also posts as Midiguy on the other board. 😀

  11. Rk – Maya’s right… my names steve not shane… ahah.
    the reason i ask soo many questions is because im not very educated on acne because ive only been getting pimples for about 4 months now…


    Im thinking about waiting until i break out (fairly bad), going to the doctors and saying it is the best condition my face has been in a couple months, Asking for accutane (hopefully getting it), then after my treatment going on fish oil to make my skin perfect.

    What do u all think about thiS?

    If the doctors say no they wont give it to me, and i say “if YOU dont give it to me, i’ll just get it from a friend”… what do u think they’ll say or do?
    Im thinking they Might give it to me just to make sure that im under supervision of a health professional

  12. @inhipint

    You said you have acne only 4 months by now? Well as a true fan of accutane that I am in your case I would start with the basics first and see how you do. Like stay in a good diet, try all those products suggested like Proactiv or Carley’s and see how that works. You may not need accutane right away.

    Mari :angel

  13. Inphint – I do not recommend accutane. If you want to consider that type of action, ask mari/Amelia and others because I am really against it.

    Also, It isn’t suitable for someone unless it really is their last resort and their acne is mainly cystic.

  14. I agree with Maya. Accutane is best for cystic acne or mild/moderate acne recalcitrant to any other treatment available.

    Mari :flasingsmile

  15. Mari – thats the thing though….
    I’ve been to the doctors and he rated me as “Mild”

    I’ve gotten many treatments already and antibiotics but am sick of wasting time – allowing it to get worst daily… I will be able to stick with accutane because i am possitive it will work.

    I have heard MANY succsess stories over the internet and have already had 2 family members cured from it. I asked BOTH of them and neither of them had any side effects, and neither had an initial breakout.
    One of them has been off it for 6 years and has not gotten a pimple ever since his treatment!!!!!! and neither has the other but he’s only been off it for about a year or two!!!!!!!!!

  16. The oil you get breakouts from are the tans-fatty acids (hydrogenated oils), deep fried oils, and heavily refined oils.

    Things like olive, flax, fish ext acttualy work to nutralize these bad oils (much more complicated than that) and help give you a clear, glowing complextion 8)

  17. Mr Skeptical
    from my experience, drinking olive oil has made my skin feel more balanced. I don’t understand the science of it, but I do know it works for me. Olive oil is also used in many liver detox programmes, so I guess it also plays a role in flushing out the crap in our bodies.

    I can see where you are coming from, but I hope you get good medical supervision if you choose to go ahead. (You are only 14 and I expect there may be some good derms who would never prescibe accutane for your age group, but there’ll always be some out to take your money).I won’t try and convince you not to go ahead, sounds like you have sold the idea to yourself.

    My thoughts: Accutane should be limited to someone who has long-term moderate/acute acne, who can show that they have tried many, many means of getting rid of their problem: via diet, supplementation, food/intollerance and allergy testing etc..

    I SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!! except the wacky backy (which I don’t take either)

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