accutane and lasers

I would like to know how long one should wait for cooltouch or fraxel or laser hair removal if one is on accutane. I have stopped accutane for a month now. Also, would surgery be a problem? Thing is different doctors say different things, some say wait a month some say 3, 6 ..even 1 year. I am very confused.

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  1. You should wait at least 6 months, or you won’t heal correctly when you get your IPL/Laser, could cause major problems for you – if you don’t wait. — How long were you on the accutane, and at what dose? – How did it work for you???

  2. I was on accutane for 5 months at 20 mg a day dose. (for one month it was 40 mg). It has been over a month and a half now. This is my 4rth course on accutane (over a 10 year oeriod). I don’t have any acne now. Just horrible scars. I want to get fraxel laser. Thing is, my doc told me I can do it after a month on accutane. On websites I googled it says differently. I am so confused!!!

  3. My derm. says after a month I can go ahead with lasers. So, how long should I wait? I am already a month and a half post-accutane. Is it 6 months I should wait like most sites say? I want to be safe too.

  4. My docs website says wait for 6 months but when I had the consultation with the doc he told me 1 month post accutane is enough. This is my confusion. But I will wait.

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