The 7 Day Miracle Cleanse — free E-book

I saw an ad on TV for the 7 Day miracle Cleanse this morning. Has anyone tried it? The website is . He has the whole cleanse guide online (it’s over 40 pages) that you can read or print out: see . There are recipes on pgs. 22-37. Some of the dessert recipes do include raw whipping cream, which surprised me, but I guess he’s okay with a little organic raw cream. It seems pretty involved, but I’m really considering trying it, not for my skin, which is clear, but for my other health problems (Chronic Fatigue, etc.). I may just try the “The Super Cleanse” first, because it allows eating fruits and vegetables. “The Ultimate Cleanse” is a juice fast and includes enemas. I think I will try “The Super Cleanse” first since I don’t feel strong enough to do the stricter cleanse. Then when I’m feeling stronger, perhaps I can graduate to “The Ultimate Cleanse”. It is sold on EBAY for much cheaper, which is where I’m planning on buying it.

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