Acne scars – plenty of acne scars on my face

Ive had acne scars for about a year now and they keep increasing. Im only 18 years old and Im finding it impossible to remove or prevent acne scarring. I have been very depressed and and have a very low self-esteem due to the scars. Im of middle eastern origin and Im a male.
I am currently using benozyxl cream but this dont seem to do anything.

Any help in removing these scars without going to see a doctor will be deeply appreciated !


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One thought on “Acne scars – plenty of acne scars on my face

  1. Go to the doctors, ask for a referal to your GP to get some treatments for acne/scarring. It’s all free on the NHS, although you may half to wait from between a few months to a year, but it should be worth it.
    And also if that benozyxl cream is doing nothing for you buddy, stop using it, it isn’t the right treatment for you in that case.

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