Acne scars – plenty of acne scars on my face

Ive had acne scars for about a year now and they keep increasing. Im only 18 years old and Im finding it impossible to remove or prevent acne scarring. I have been very depressed and and have a very low self-esteem due to the scars. Im of middle eastern origin and Im a male.
I am currently using benozyxl cream but this dont seem to do anything.

Any help in removing these scars without going to see a doctor will be deeply appreciated !


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One thought on “Acne scars – plenty of acne scars on my face

  1. Omar, have you checked out the Scar Removal chat board yet? What type of scars do you have? Are they discolored flat scars, raised scars or depressed (pitted) scars? There are things you can do at home (peels, e.g.) but if you have more severe scarring you may need to get professional help eventually with it. There are so many wonderful techniques nowadays that can help scarring so much. I have a friend who used to have a lot of acne scarring on her face and now her skin looks beautiful. She used to say that her face looked like the moon (craters, that is) but now you wouldn’t even know that she ever had acne. Please, try not to pick and squeeze though — that increases the risk of scarring. The most important thing is to get the acne under control to prevent more scarring. My skin is totally clear when I do my regimen (it’s all clear right now). I’ll try and find the link here that describes it.

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