Has anyone tried this? baking soda/acv/eggwhite-lemon mask??

got this from another forum, wanted to know if anyone has tried this/? allot of people said it made their red marks fade very very quickly,

“My regimen- morning

– clean with Dove soap hypoallergenic fragnance-free for sensitive skin. wash.
– massage gently with a paste of BAKING SODA( please, not baking powder!) and water. wash immediately. pat dry.
– mix apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio which ur skin can tolerate. for this, ur skin is the best judge. a little redness in the beginning is normal and will go away. but if u feel its really irritating ur skin, stop using it promptly, wait for 2 days, then try again with a very very weak solution. u can increase the concentration once ur skin is used to it. wait for 10 mins..i iron my clothes or prepare tea at this time. Wash it off.
– Cetaphil moisturiser with SPF 15. thats enough for the cold climate. I will switch to SPF 30 when it gets warmer again.
– light make-up.


-cleanse with Dove
-apply egg-white mask. wash off after it dries
– off to bed…thrilled that this is working already, confident that this WILL continue working, hopeful that i will be free of all red marks in a few months from now”


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3 thoughts on “Has anyone tried this? baking soda/acv/eggwhite-lemon mask??

  1. That sounds like a good regimen for large pores, red marks and acne. But I don’t think it will do too much for large (indented) scars.

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