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I was reading about internal cleansing products at . They also have a link down the page a ways to information about the most common internal parasites:

I have to say, the photos and descriptions there are enough to give one nightmares. It’s pretty horrifying to think of these things living inside of one’s body. I did have parasite lab tests done (on feces) on several occasions and they came out negative, but I’m still concerned. Having a giant tape worm living in one’s body could cause all kinds of symptoms and conditions. I wonder if it’s as widespread as they claim or if they’re just trying to scare the bejeebers out of us so that we’ll buy their products.

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  1. I tried that cleanse for a month – I never saw a single creepy crawlie! How dissapointing!!!!! hehehe :lol

  2. I haven’t tried Dr. Natura’s. I did the black walnut hull tincture, wormwood capsules, and clove capsules treatment. I didn’t get anything out. That was over a year ago. I did Parastroy for 1 week about a month ago. I had to stop b/c it was making me very lethargic and sluggish. Didn’t see anything come out with that program either. Guess I don’t have any parasites. :mrgreen


  3. I tried that cleanse for a month – I never saw a single creepy crawlie! How dissapointing!!!!! hehehe :lol

    Rose wrote: Dr. Natura’s Detox Program Works. I am on the cleansing
    program. I have been using it and on my second Month. Everything the other user’s testamony’s has written it really true. I documented my eleminations with photo’s. Round worms, Hooks worms, Egg sacks, Worm sack, flat worms, other parasites pass from my body, and is still passing from my body. Four other family members are the program and many people that I have met and friends of mine. My family Doctor, was in denial until he saw my photo’s that I took, and the documention of pages written in a legal pad. Sorry! to dispoint you; But it really do work, you just didn’t stay on the program and you problem did not follow the direction like a lot of people do! People like you always bad mouth a good product. I am a woman of God and minister’s the Word of God! I am living proof that it works, Ok! In Jesus Name Amen! And they were all dead when they passed, none was creeping and crawling. If you have eaten pork you are infested, beef rare or med. rare, half cooked chicken,
    you have them, and if you eat alot of sweet, constipated, oh Yea. Sone parasite’s you can only see them under a microscope. Nutura Detox Works.

  4. I was having trouble with debilitating diarrhea for the past 15 years after being in the Middle East for a short spell. Having seen numerous doctors and taking many drugs to correct the problem I was finally diagnosed with IBS. To my dismay my recent doctor visit for the issue resulted in my internist saying “avoid the foods that bother you and live with it” Wonderful advise. It’s not his life that is being ruined. IBS, a wonderful catch phrase that gets physicians of the hook of explaining what they do not know. I am not blaming doctors, they are only human. If they can not explain a situation they lump it into a broad category.
    Well on a recent business trip I could not stand my condition any longer. I vowed to go and see another specialist. Frustrated and tired in my hotel room while searching the net I stumbled upon the Dr Natura Colonix program. I figured after reading all of the information and not really believing any of it much I decided to try a two month package. I have spent thousands of dollars with the medical community to get better. What harm could spending a few more dollars do.
    I will tell you that the first few days did not go well. Plagued with excoriating cramps, lager loose stools and much, much irritability I was feeling worse then before. I stayed strict to the suggest foods to avoid and drank plenty of water. This condition continued for about 15 days. After a few days more my stools began to vary greatly, hard, soft, loose, more cramps. I was feeling that maybe the Doctors were right and I just have “IBS”. Maybe the Colonix drink was irritating my bowel. Maybe I just wasted my $153. I chocked it up to another life lesson learned.
    Well, today, while in work I had another urge to go but not a strong urge. So I went and did my business and then like everyone does, I look to see expecting to find just more loose stool but to my surprise there it was just like the photo on the web site. I passed an extremely long (yes I had to pull it from the toilet) stool which appeared to be like a small cord in thickness with small sacks hanging off of it about every two inches along its length. The sacks were alternating and very evenly spaced. These could not be food contents strung together formed in some deviticuli I thought. It seems more like a foreign object, do I dear say parasite. I have been on the program now for about 25 days and this is the first odd thing I have passed. I must say that I am now a firm believer in this product. I will continue on this treatment even with the terrible cramps because anything is worth getting your life back.

  5. Hey!

    I am on my 29th day of colonix. I too, was about to quit, as I hadn’t seen anything crazy, and I’m a little worried about becoming dependant on the senna. But I read some people’s experiences on curezone yesterday, and decided to go for another month.

    Today, I passed my first bit of the mucoid placque, not a lot, but definitely a rope of placque…so exciting, especially considering I have done lots of colonics and other bowel cleansing and never seen any come out of me.

  6. I tried Colonix a few years ago and it helped my acne a lot.. I bought it mostly for candida cleansing however, but I found that it also healed my acne a lot… I only get the occasional spot now and then, but I believe colon cleansing can help eliminate those toxins that are causing acne.

    If you want to know if Colonix is worth getting, check out these reviews:

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