For Maya

When I needed an answer to my diet and exercise regimen, who was there? Maya!

When I needed to learn about colon cleansing, who was there? Maya!

When I needed an answer about detox and chelation therapy, who was there? Maya!

When I needed a list of the B Blood Group diet foods, who was there? Maya!

When I wanted to read something inspirational and wise, who was there? Maya!

When I felt down and out and was feeling blue, who was there? Maya!

When I needed a question answered…any question…who was there? Maya!

When I had many, many things to let off my chest, who was there? Maya!

When I needed scolding or a reprimand, who was there? Maya!

When I needed a word of encouragement (actually, many words), who was there? Maya!

When I needed advice, who was there? Maya!

When I needed a friend and cyber-pal, who was there? Maya!

Maya, you are the world’s best forum poster. You receive so much love here and from the posts I read, you are influential to many, of which I am one of that group! You are bright and caring and perceptive and energetic and funny and your inner being shines like a thousand candles, glowing for a great distance so that many can find their way to you.

I have never seen you nor met you in person, yet we have shared many thoughts and feelings. I have had the chance to get to know you and yet there is still a great mystery about you (which I enjoy). And when I put my mind into action, and conjure up images of what you’re like, I can see you. And you are beautiful, from head to toe. You radiate great energy and if I was near you, it would feel like Im at the center of the universe, and I could reach out and touch the sun and the stars and the moon.

I love you for being the person I know. Maybe it doesnt seem that way or maybe it doesnt feel that way or maybe I dont really know what love is. I am a simple man, guided by my own desires, intellect and passions. It stands to reason that there are times that I choose the wrong path. Yet I have never felt anything wrong about knowing you and being friends.

So here I sit today, totally bummed, after having hurt your feelings and saying things I shouldnt have said. I feel your pain. I want to express my sorrow and I ask you to forgive me.

And I would like to ask anyone, if you read this, to help. Just say a nice prayer or a warm thought so that the good feelings will resurface. Thanks.


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26 thoughts on “For Maya

  1. How could you have turned on her like that? I’m baffled Russ? I mean we all get caught up in the moment but there were more appropriate gentle ways of dealing or maybe not posting on that dumb thread at all??? I for one will be truly sad if I never hear from maya again…she really is a wonderful friend….even if only online~Amelia

  2. I will say a prayer that maya comes back~As well as her great knowledge we all need her wonderful energy here….Shame on you Russel SHAME SHAME! I was shocked at your post over there..could not believe this was from sweet gentle Russel?I’m just a loyal sort even with cyber friends…Amelia

  3. I really felt like what Russell said, was just in fun! I’m sorry Maya got her feelings hurt! Everything is “open” to interpretation, and I’m afraid I’m one of those ppl. who doesn’t get offended too easily! And therefore, can sometimes say things, that I think is funny, w/o thinking! I totally felt, Russell was just pokin’ fun, and I didn’t feel he was being serious at all about Maya on that thread!! (my interpretaion) Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who you ask, I see the humor in just about everything! This attribute, is NOT good at weddings!!

    But I guess the point I’m trying to make, is that I think we all know Russell fairly well, and I think, if you REALLY think about it, he was just playing! Maybe not the way you, or I, or someone else might “play”, but needless to say……We know he’s a good guy! Please cut him a little slack! He apologized (publicly) and that should count for something! (?)

    Hope you all make up! Cause I know this bothers Russell!!!

  4. You know you meant it! I liked what you said on that thread and it’s too bad you deleted it. Maya is the great hunter of the truth!

  5. Sandie, I dont know you well other than a few posts I have read, and hopefully you are just jokin. Really, on that Absolute thread, I was just makin fun of everyone, including myself, and maybe to get some of them to lighten up a little. But sometimes it is hard to tell if people are being serious or not when on the forums. So hey, please remember that what you may know of someone, such as Maya (or even myself) isnt all there is to know. There are many more sides to each of us than what can be presented on a forum. So if you give someone a chance, most often you will find they are nice, caring and good-hearted. For starters, I would like to know more about you. Will you give me a chance? What you say?

  6. but you are starting to sound kind of wimpy. Why don’t you stick to your guns? You know you meant what you said, we all know it! Just because Maya got mad at you and left, why do you have to back down? She’ll be back, she loves all the attention. You weren’t trying to get people to lighten up, you were angry, and angry at Maya. So what? People get mad at each other, they say horrible things, so what? Maya has her faults, just like you. She’s a big girl, she can take some criticism. Stop self-flagellating, it’s not very attractive. Show some backbone man! If you really want to get a woman you need to be told we don’t like brown nosers, we like men with some guts and strength of conviction. Believe me, Maya will respect you more if you can tell her off and mean it.

  7. Now we won’t have any problems here like we did on the old board with Oz and Berrychapp and all her boy friend impersonaters. I hope Mari won’t put up with that kind of nonsense here. I’m so happy to be in my new home, I have so much to offer all of you! Based on all of my research I know I can help you all out a lot, and from the looks of it you need it.

    To start with, everyone should be doing a glycolic peel once a week. Start with 30% then work your way up to 70%. I have been doing this for 9 months and my skin is just glowing! Haha, take that Sharina, you can’t post here and criticize me, Mari will delete it. Yeah!

    Any questions, feel free to ask the expert!

    :mrgreen :mrgreen :mrgreen :mrgreen :mrgreen :mrgreen :mrgreen

  8. One thing for sure… the guest and the registerd sandie here are the same person… But I just hope there are no hard feelings incase this really is Sandie from the other board.

    If not thats ok too.. just please let us know so we dont get the two of you mixed up :lol

  9. I have to say, I didn’t do this (have Mari check my IP if you don’t believe me), but I do find it hilarious! Sandie should really expect something like this after she alienated nearly the whole absolute board.

  10. I assure you I am the “real” Sandie from the other board. There was an imposter Sandie posting on another thread I think it was last week? I said I didn’t want to register until those posts were gone and Maya assured me Mari deleted them. I trusted her and didn’t try to find them, are they still there?

    Let’s not start all this paranoid imposter thing going on the “adult” board, leave that to the other one.

    Have a great day, tralala!


  11. Get lost, we don’t need any trouble makers on this board. Obviously you are Impersonater. Please don’t think you can get to me, you are sadly mistaken if you think I am weak.

  12. Do not reply to ANYTHING coming from ANY Sandy posts~ She is nothing but TROUBLE and will damage the good feeling of this board. Sandy do EVERYONE a favor and go back to the other or better yet a board that is more fit for you…like the phsycho board:) I don’t like you~ Amelia

  13. I never posted on the other board, I just started looking at it shortly after Sandie started posting. She really hurt a lot of people, there. I was going to stop going to the boards completely, then this one opened. Do you think there is a chance it will be better? I don’t understand why Maya is standing up for her 😐 ?

    Thanks, Milo 😀

  14. In the spirit of the new board, I am going to ignore your comments. I’ll see everyone else on the other threads, I am done on this one. Maya, I closed your PM and don’t know how to open it again, I wanted to answer you. Anway, have fun at the grotto with your kids and Happy Christmas! I love snow!


  15. sitting in a tree K I S S I N G* Go back to the old board “kids” Your not fooling anyone on this board…we know what your up to.:) & no one over here CARES~ tra la la la lalalallalalallalaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Amelia

    i may be mistaken about milo? but sorry too much of a coincedence that you show up as soon as Sandy does? oh well call me paranoid:) or Crazy or both!!!!! Merry Christmas All!

  16. Amelia,

    I was serious. I started looking at absolute a couple of weeks ago, but such crazy by Sandie and a couple of others were incredibly offputting, so I never posted. Then I found this forum – it seems very nice, but I am still wary. It seems that “Mari” moderates this forum? Do you know if she is nice? She seems pretty nice from what I have read of her, there seem to be a lot of great people here. You and Mari seem really sweet, in particular. I am hoping that sort of thing that I saw at absolute is not allowed here.

    I swear, I have nothing to do with this Sandie person, I promise you. Like I said, have Mari check the IPs. I just want a NICE place to post about skin problems with sweet people.

    I think maybe I will register to avoid the confusion some people have had…

    Please believe me?

    Thanks, Milo 🙂

  17. I really do think that this could be the real sandie.. its a shame the old thread with the fake one in it is gone.. or we coulda checked the ip’s from there.

    However, I can assure you that milo and sandie are NOT one in the same..

    If this is the “fake” sandie, then im sure we will hear about it some time from the”real” one… If not.. lets all just get along :lol

    Have fun and play nice everyone!

    Milo: nothing wrong with differance of opinion.. just please don’t scroll it across the screen in bright letters 😉

  18. Hey Doc! OK, I won’t do that anymore! I just thought that it looked cool! And, I don’t trust that Sandie, she was pretty mean to a lot of people on that other board.

    Hey, are you a real doctor? I saw you on that other board, where you were DrNomad, and you seem wicked smart! You are that same guy, right?

  19. Im the same guy… I droped the Dr because too many people were thinking I was a real MD…

    In reality I made up the name Nomad about 7 years ago to play on line games. Once I saw some more Nomads on about 3 years later I put Dr in front of my name to make it unique…

    Never ran into any problems until I started posting as DrNomad on an acne board. I realised that it was confusing to many people so I just went back to Nomad :roll

  20. Nomad, you mean you’re not a real Doctor? Silly me, but I have been telling my family and friends that on this acne board I frequent, it is great cuz there are many good people with lots of information…and they even have their own Doctor!! 😀

    So now I have to correct them all and tell them you’re just a “play” Doctor! :oops

    Hehehe…j/k of course! But Im really glad you’re here and you certainly have the knowledge of a real Doc!


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