EpidermX scrub and Silkia Camellia Oil

I’m starting a separate posting about these products since I went ahead and bought them. I did post a lot of info about them already under a different thread, http://www.clearskin.net/viewtopic.php?t=6703&start=45 , (the thread entitled “wrinkles under eyes”). The EpidermX company ( www.epiderm.net ) sells its own brand of camellia oil also which comes in a tinted glass bottle. The Silkia oil has to be put back in its original box each time because it is not supposed to be exposed to much light (it’s in a clear bottle). I might get the EpidermX oil next time, if I decide to continue using camellia oil, just for the tinted bottle. I bought the EpidermX scrub and Silkia Camellia oil from Goldport Beauty ( www.goldportbeauty.com ). I got the oil from her on EBAY. There were a lot of good reviews of the oil on EBAY.

I do like the scrub and oil so far. They make my skin feel softer and smoother and less dry. I’ve been using the scrub twice a week for the 3-5 minute microdermabrasion process and also at night several times a week for 15-30 seconds as just a regular scrub. (When you do the longer microdermabrasion process, you actually scrub it until it gets dry and then it balls up and shreds off.) I stopped using the MyChelle Dermaceuticals scrub, Pumpkin Peel, Cranberry Cleanser and Cranberry Mud Mask. I’m also using the MyChelle Clear Skin Serum now just as a spot treatment rather than all over my face. I’m using the MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser in the mornings and her Honeydew creamy cleanser in the evening.

My face is pretty clear, although I feel a bump coming up on my left cheek, but I have gotten a couple more of those little whitish bumps that appear to be in between pores rather than in the pore — you know, the kind that usually won’t go away until they’re extracted with a needle. That does concern me. I’ve had a couple of those white bumps on my forehead even when I was using the drying MyChelle acne products though, so I’m not sure what to attribute these to. It could be the make-up I’ve been using also, who knows.

The reason I added in these two new products is the lady at Goldport Beauty (Bonnie Quon) claimed that many of her clients’ acne scars diminished or completely healed, including pitted scarring, over a period of a year or more of using these two products. Also, my skin was feeling quite dry after using the MyChelle products for oily/acne skin. I’m also hoping and praying that these new products will help the damage done by the Jessner peel. I mean, if they are capable of healing acne scars over a period of time, then they should be capable of healing the damage from the chemical peel, shouldn’t they? Maybe I’m being gullible here, but hope springs eternal, you know? (sigh) The MyChelle products did a great job of clearing my skin (in conjunction with the Gloria Martel SkinLift Light), but it was feeling dry and stiff. Maybe I should have just cranked down the use of the drying acne products rather than bought these other things, I don’t know. I’m kind of up in the air now about what to use on my skin.

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  1. I’m still using the EpidermX scrub for the 3-5 minute microdermabrasion treatments twice a week. After doing the scrub I only use the Silkia Camellia oil and then put the MyChelle polypeptide cream on top of that. I am going back to using the MyChelle Fruit Enzyme scrub a couple of times a week or so on the days when I don’t use the EpidermX. It’s a bit much for me to be using the EpidermX nightly as they recommend for 15-30 seconds as a regular scrub also. I’m using MyChelle’s Blueberry Anti-Oxidant moisturizing mask in lieu of the Pumpkin Peel mask now and I’m not using the MyChelle Cranberry Mud Mask either (it’s clay — too drying for me right now). I stopped using the Pumpkin Peel mask because I don’t want to over-exfoliate my skin between the pumpkin peel and the EpidermX scrub. I’m not sure if they do different things though. Bonnie Quon (I bought the EpidermX and Silkia oil from her) said that I could continue to use the Pumpkin peel mask, but that I would need to wait at least 5 days to use the EpidermX as a microdermabrasion after that. I think I’d rather just do the EpidermX microderm 2x a week for now instead. I’ve wonder if the pumpkin peel could be partly responsible for that “waxy” surface finish that my skin seems to have sometimes. I don’t want to exfoliate my skin to death.

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