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I was shopping today and a lady asked my opinion about the color of some towels. She complimented me on my hair and I complimented her on her skin. She told me that she was 60 years old. She hardly had any wrinkles at all and her skin looked really soft, smooth and nice. We talked “skin talk” for a while and she told me that she sells cosmetics and skin care products on the Internet. She has a website, www.tivoli2000.com. She sells a mineral mask powder there and microdermabrasion crystals which she said are purified of aluminum and are ground down really fine. She also sells an argireline serum. I think she sells the same serum cheaper on E-bay though (her member ID is “shoptivoli2000” — you can do a search on it under “community”). There are some home recipes for using the Mineral Mask at her website that look good. One recipe uses chocolate powder, because it’s supposed to have copper in it which is good for the skin. The one for acne uses apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. Anyway, thought you might enjoy the website. I couldn’t find any actual ingredients listings at the site though.

Oh, yes, she also mentioned some tips for hydrating the skin: drinking lots of water, using a little spray bottle of Evian water during the day on one’s face, spraying one’s face before using a moisturizing cream to seal in the moisture, and also using a humidifier at home. She mentioned a mister/fountain called “Mist of Dreams” that’s sold on EBAY. She said it’s a big bowl that looks like a morning glory, and then there’s a diffuser that puts a mist into the air and there are different colored lights that go on. I actually saw something like that being sold at Whole Foods. It humidifies the room that you put it in also, and it’s very pretty. She said she puts plants all around it, because they love the moisture. She was very nice and informative.

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